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The soundtrack for 100% Orange Juice! is almost entirely comprised of royalty-free music from a large number of artists who create and provide such music.

Of all the tracks featured in 100% Orange Juice!, only a few were specifically composed for the game: Kai's Theme, Final Stage 1, and Ultimate Weapon Girl. These tracks were composed by DEKU, a trance artist who also composed the soundtracks for SUGURI, Acceleration of SUGURI, Sora, and Acceleration of SUGURI 2.

As a result of primarily featuring royalty-free music, 100% Orange Juice!'s soundtrack cannot be sold on any commercial platform by itself. However, Ultimate Weapon Girl is available for purchase as DLC 22Character Song Pack- Ultimate Weapon Girl.jpg.

The complete list of music is listed below. Unlike the looped soundtrack edits featured in-game, these are the complete, unabridged tracks.


Icon Theme Original Name Artist File
OJ-Logoicon.png Menu Sincere SAM Free Music
OJ-Logoicon.png Standby Photo shot Rengoku Kozou
OJ-Logoicon.png Dialog 1 Friendly SAM Free Music
OJ-Logoicon.png Dialog 2 Shinjitsu o tsugeru oto
Sound to tell the truth
OJ-Logoicon.png Dialog 3 loop03 TAM Music Factory
OJ-Logoicon.png Dialog 4 Sunrise Kazuchi
OJ-Logoicon.png Dialog 5 Catastrophe
OJ-Logoicon.png Dialog 6 the Lord ISAo.
OJ-Logoicon.png Conclusion Teek Teek Teek Rengoku Kozou
OJ-Logoicon.png Ending Owari no Mukou-gawa
The other side of the end
Rengoku Kozou
OJ-Logoicon.png Ending 2 Asa no otozure
Morning Visit
Manbou 2nd Class
OJ-Logoicon.png Ending 3 Kakuri sa reta mura
Isolated village
Notzan ACT
OJ-Logoicon.png Final Stage 1 Final Stage 1 DEKU
OJ-Logoicon.png Final Stage 2 Aozora Basuke
Blue Sky Basketball
OJ-Logoicon.png Field Intro: Beginner Town (Winter) Winter Dance FLASH☆BEAT
OJ-Logoicon.png Field Intro: Lonely Railway Sabaku no kaze
Desert Wind
OJ-Logoicon.png Field Intro: Whirlpool Splash PeriTune
The Harbinger icon.png The Harbinger Devil Disaster Kazuchi
QP icon.png QP peace SAM Free Music
Yuki icon.png Yuki Secret Mission SAM Free Music
Aru icon.png Aru Eve 2008 Rengoku Kozou
Suguri icon.png Suguri BELIEVE SAM Free Music
Hime icon.png Hime Comet SAM Free Music
Sora icon.png Sora Up to you SAM Free Music
Marc icon.png Marc Kaze no Oka
Hill of Wind
SAM Free Music
Fernet icon.png Fernet Manabi no Kuni
Country of Learning
Peat icon.png Peat Dead or Alive SAM Free Music
Kai icon.png Kai Russian Roulette[1] DEKU[2]
Marie Poppo icon.png Marie Poppo Childlike SAM Free Music
Tomomo icon.png Tomomo Enisu no Theme
Theme of Ennis
Chicken icon.png Chicken Nichinichi kore Koujitsu
Today is a good day
Amacha Music Studio
Robo Ball icon.png Robo Ball Rasen to Kodou
Spiral and Heartbeat
Murasato Shota
Seagull icon.png Seagull Hikokigumo ni Ashiato
Footprints of the Sky
Murasato Shota
Store Manager icon.png Store Manager Rouge ni somete
Rouge dye
Shifu Robot icon.png Shifu Robot glitch Cyber-Rainforce
Flying Castle icon.png Flying Castle Kessen e no Jokyoku
Overture to a Decisive Battle
Murasato Shota
Syura icon.png Syura My Style Murasato Shota
Nanako icon.png Nanako mission Turbo X
QP (Dangerous) icon.png QP (Dangerous) Festival!
Murasato Shota
Saki icon.png Saki Ukare Kibun
Cheerful Mood
Murasato Shota
Kyousuke icon.png Kyousuke Es M-ART
Krilalaris icon.png Krilalaris corona Oorii
Kae icon.png Kae boisterous dance Cyber-Rainforce
Alte icon.png Alte faraway Cyber-Rainforce
Kyoko icon.png Kyoko TRANSPARENCE Music Material
Marie Poppo (Mixed) icon.png Marie Poppo (Mixed) Youki na Ashioto
Cheerful Footsteps
Sham icon.png Sham MONOTONOUS Music Material
Sherry icon.png Sherry Kawaki
Sora (Military) icon.png Sora (Military) THE AWAKING Music Material
Star Breaker icon.png Star Breaker pluto Cyber-Rainforce
Sweet Breaker icon.png Sweet Breaker dear Dragon watson
Aru (Scramble) icon.png Aru (Scramble) Space Hopper
Manbou 2nd Class
Nath icon.png Nath fortress Cyber-Rainforce
T&M icon.png Mimyuu & Tomato Back me up Manbou 2nd Class
Kiriko icon.png Kiriko ZombieRock UG
NoName icon.png NoName Galaxa MFP【Marron Fields Production】
Ceoreparque icon.png Ceoreparque Shinigami to Waltz
Waltz of the Reaper
Amacha Music Studio
Miusaki icon.png Miusaki Himawari Mori no Daibouken
A Great Adventure in Sunflower Forest
Yuki (Dangerous) icon.png Yuki (Dangerous) scheme inc. Yuli
Tomomo (Casual) icon.png Tomomo (Casual) Tantei Jimusho
Detective Office
Tomomo (Sweet Eater) icon.png Tomomo (Sweet Eater) Oishii Okashi o Sasageyo!
Gimme your Tasty Treats!
Suguri (Ver.2) icon.png Suguri (Ver.2) Jumping to the moon Manbou 2nd Class
Tsih icon.png Tsih powder snow
-trance version-
Tequila icon.png Tequila Zangyou Senshi
Overtime Warrior
Amacha Music Studio
Mei icon.png Mei Pop Candy
Natsumi icon.png Natsumi Strawberry Whipped Cream
Nico icon.png Nico Yamabukiro
Arthur icon.png Arthur Hard Wall MATSU
Iru icon.png Iru Energy
Mira icon.png Mira I like the moon
Sora & Sham (Cuties) icon.png Cuties Aim! KIRAKIRA Idol!
Sora & Sham (Cuties) icon.png Cuties 2 Ultimate Weapon Girl DEKU [note 1]
Sora & Sham (Cuties) icon.png Cuties 3 Ultimate Weapon Girl (Instrumental) DEKU [note 1]
Sora & Sham (Cuties) icon.png Cuties 4 Ultimate Weapon Girl (Bonus Track) DEKU [note 1]
Yuuki icon.png Yuuki Do you have any evidence? watson
Islay icon.png Islay inner flame MATSU
Mio icon.png Mio Different Dimension FLASH☆BEAT
Suguri (46 Billion Years) icon.png Suguri (46 Billion Years) Blaze ISAo.
Sumika icon.png Sumika Vampire Beings ISAo.
Ellie icon.png Ellie Candy Crush OtoLogic
Lulu icon.png Lulu Undertaker PeriTune
Marc (Pilot) icon.png Marc (Pilot) Conflict YouFulca
Alicianrone icon.png Alicianrone Prairie4 PeriTune
Teotoratta icon.png Teotoratta Wild Road YouFulca
Arnelle icon.png Arnelle IMP ISAo.
Maynie icon.png Maynie Laid Back PeriTune
Maynie icon.png Maynie 2 Crisis Kazuchi
Chris icon.png Chris POPSTAR yusuke karino
Kyupita icon.png Kyupita Watch Me! Watch Watch Me! TEA TEA
Halena icon.png Halena Youth GT-K
Cook icon.png Cook Subete ga owaru yoru ni
On the night it's all over
Lone Rider icon.png Lone Rider Lonely PeriTune
Merchant icon.png Merchant URBAN FLIGHT watson
Hime (Moonlight) icon.png Hime (Moonlight) Oki ni mesu made
As long as you want
Fernet (Noble) icon.png Fernet (Noble) Cafe_Musette PeriTune
Malt icon.png Malt a beautiful sunset Manbou 2nd Class
Mescal icon.png Mescal Viento del sol watson
Aurora icon.png Aurora Deep_Woods3 PeriTune
Guardian icon.png Guardian Strategy PeriTune
Shifu icon.png Shifu DETROIT BEAT ISAo.
Hoshino Reika icon.png Hoshino Reika Paris Night
Keisuke Ito
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Due to the fact that Ultimate Weapon Girl, unlike the rest of 100% Orange Juice!'s music, is composed of commercial music and not royalty free music, the songs will not be played on 100% Orange Juice Wiki.


  • Kai had a different theme in the Beta version of 100% Orange Juice!. The original theme was "Fair Wind" from TAM Music Factory, which can be heard here.
  • The royalty-free tracks used in the game are usually selected by Orange_Juice. However, the themes for Field Intro: Beginner Town (Winter) and The Harbinger were selected by Fruitbat developer Sora.[3]
  • The Harbinger's theme was almost chosen to be "Battle with the Devil" from Akito Imagara Orchestra, which can be heard here.[4]
  • In early versions of the game, the majority of the game's tracks were not edited to allow for looping. As a result, whenever one of those tracks stopped playing, silence would play for a few seconds, followed by the track being replayed.
  • Prior to Version 1.15, the NPC characters did not have their own music themes; when leveling up, the game would play the themes of other base game characters instead.
    • Chicken and Store Manager used QP's theme.
    • Robo Ball used Hime's theme.
    • Seagull used Peat's theme.
    • Shifu Robot used Suguri's theme.
    • Flying Castle used Marc's theme.
  • The non-playable monster units featured in the Wanderers campaign do not have their own themes; when leveling up, the game plays Seagull's theme instead.


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