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Cleanup Templates

Some tags have alternate versions that should be used if the applicability of the tag is disputed. All of the following tags should be placed on the article needing work, not on its talk page. Unless otherwise noted, they should be added to the top of the article.

Template Category Appearance
{{Stub}} Stubs
Dialogue R sm.png

Tomato & Mimyuu

This article is a stub. The information on this page has not been refurbished to current Wiki standards or is incomplete. You can help 100% Orange Juice Wiki by expanding it.
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{{Cleanup}} Cleanup
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This page is currently being constructed and expanded. Please excuse us while we continue to add more information. You can also help 100% Orange Juice Wiki by expanding this page.
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{{OldInfo}} Pages with outdated information
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This page contains out-of-date information and may be unreliable. You can help 100% Orange Juice Wiki by updating it.
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{{NeedsResearch}} Pages that need further research
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This page needs further research and documentation into its mechanics and interactions with other effects. You can help 100% Orange Juice Wiki by adding any findings you discover.
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{{NeedsUpdate}} Pages that need layout updates
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Wah! The layout of this page is outdated and needs to be updated to meet the wiki's current standards. Please make sure not to use this page as a guideline when creating new similar pages.
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{{MissingPhotos}} Stubs
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This page is currently missing pictures. You can help the 100% Orange Juice! Wiki by adding a picture.
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{{MissingAudio}} Pages with missing audio files
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Uu- this page is currently missing sound files. Please standby while wiki staff continue to work on converting these files. Please feel free to check out the script information in the meantime.
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Disambiguation Templates

Most disambiguation templates are inline messages and can be added to the most appropriate place on a page.

Template Usage Appearance
{{DisambigMsg}} Takes 3-7 parameters.
Disambig.png This article is about the Bounty Hunt Mode minion. For the co-op role, see Co-op Roles.
{{Main}} Takes 1-5 parameters.
Main article: Character Shop
{{Confuse}} Use only on character pages. Takes 1-4 parameters.
For the alternate version of this character, see: Marc (Pilot)
{{NPC}} Use only on character pages. Takes 1-4 parameters.
For the enemy unit version of this character, see: Store Manager (Boss)
{{Playable}} Use only on character pages. Takes 1-4 parameters.
For the player unit version of this character, see: Robo Ball
{{Disambig}} Use only on disambiguation pages. Adds the page to Category:Disambiguations.
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This article is a disambiguation page, a navigational aid which lists other articles that might otherwise share the same title.
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Other Templates

Used only for specific pages, and are not to be used on main articles.

Template Usage Appearance
{{NotOfficial}} Introduction Template:NotOfficial
{{Recruit}} Main page Template:Recruit
{{CoUpdate}} Main page Template:CoUpdate
{{Retired}} Main page Template:Retired
{{GiveAway}} Main page Template:GiveAway
{{Birthday}} Main page Template:Birthday
{{Contest}} Main page Template:Contest
{{Sandbox}} Sandbox
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Welcome to the sandbox! This page is for experimenting with the wiki editing process. Anyone can edit this page!

 • You can also create or edit your own sandbox here.
 • If you have questions, feel free to ask on our Discord.

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{{MassWork}} Stubs
SugMad.pngSite Wide Changes in Progress
See an image missing or something that seems off? No worries. The wiki is currently undergoing a massive refurb that will take sometime to implement, as many pages are being worked on at once for the change. As a result, some previous images and/or links may break as a result. Rest assured the content will remain the same, however some images, menus, and design type assets might appear wrong. We apologize for this inconveniance and hope our efforts on the new pages will payoff in due time. Thank you for your time and patience. (Yes we know its not Christmas)
{{Maintenance}} Stubs
We apologize, for the mess. For the further improvement of the wiki, the 100% Orange Juice! Wiki is currently undergoing maintenance that effects multiple pages. These changes should be complete within the next few days, so please do not be alarmed and do not try and fix the issues yourself.

Other Main Page Notices

These notices did not have dedicated templates, and only appear in previous edit history.

Usage Appearance
Main page
(as of 30 Dec 2018, 2 previous revisions not shown)
Training e.png
In the future, Christmas Candy.pngCandy Canes and Halloween Candy Icon.pngHalloween Candy currency will be removed and converted to another still undecided currency. After Version 1.31.3, costumes for not owned DLC characters can be bought.
Spend your remaining Christmas and Halloween Candy if there's anything left you want!
Main page
(as of 2 Jun 2020)
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Flying Red Barrel is coming to Steam!! Purchase the game or pre-order it from Fruitbat Factory's website to receive a new bonus character in 100% OJ when the game comes out on June 19!
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Main page
(as of 19 Jun 2020, 1 previous revision not shown)
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Flying Red Barrel - The Diary of a Little Aviator is now out on Steam! Purchase the game there or on Fruitbat Factory's website to receive Marc (Pilot), a new bonus character in 100% OJ!
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