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Be Polite
As previously stated in the general rules of user behavior, users are expected to express themselves in a polite and civil manner. The only way for a discussion to work is if both sides are rational and put their emotions aside for the sake of accurate discussion. Accusations, vulgarity, and expletives will be met with possible deletion and possible punishment to the user.
No Spam/Unrelated Content
Talk pages are for useful discussion about a page or topic with the goal of improving the page. Do not crowd the talk page with unrelated topics or ads/self-promotion. Such posts will be ignored and deleted.


Use a Header and a Signature
Whenever you make a comment on any talk page, either a user or article talk page, be sure to end your message with your signature denoted with a ~~~~. If it is a comment regarding a new topic, use a header denoted with a ==(topic)== before your comment.
Indent when Replying
When replying to a comment, indent using a colon. Use an additional colon with each additional response.
==A Question about Sherry's Passive==
Will Sherry attack first when using Assualt? ~~~~ 
:She will not, her passive overrides the card's instructions to attack first. ~~~~
::But doesn't she attack first when using Rival? ~~~~
:::That is correct, but after testing, we have found that that is one of the only scenarios that overrides it. ~~~~