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This is the To-Do list for our wiki. Below is a list of articles and tasks that need a bit of work to help make our wiki as comprehensive and complete as it can be.no

Version 3.8[]

Co-op mode has received a ton of balance changes, affecting many characters and cards. We currently need help updating character pages, card pages, and boss/mechanics pages to reflect the Version 3.8 changes. These pages are listed below on a best-effort basis.





The new skin is currently a work in progress, but any help is always appreciated (even if it's just pointing out pages that need work)!

Known Issues[]

This is only a partial list; see the Discord for further details.

  • The main page's character roster scales improperly in fixed width mode. (This has been temp-fixed, but still requires attention.)
  • Tabbers have a completely different look and feel.
  • Dark Theme clashes with virtually everything. (Due to how extensive this issue is, we kindly ask that you browse the wiki in Light Theme only.)


The following card pages need descriptions/strategies written for them:

  • None currently. Add if any unknown card pages still need this.

Every card page should be double-checked to make sure they all meet the current style standards of the wiki. A good example of those standards can be seen in the  Dash! &  Lucky Sevens pages.


The character pages are currently a work in progress, but any help is always appreciated!

Pages with incomplete Strategy sections can be found in Category:Pages that need strategy info. Be sure to remove the {{NeedsStrategy}} notice from the beginning of the page once there are sufficient recommendations in all subsections.
Additionally, many characters' Strategy pages should be reviewed to consider adding cards from the Community Pack 2, Pudding Pack, and Community Pack 3.
Voice Lines
If you experience voice lines not playing correctly, please report them here.
All characters' Update History sections should be reviewed for completeness. This will require cross-referencing each of the Versions pages.

The following characters need work on one or more parts of their pages:


Many achievement pages need small write-ups on strategies that can be used to earn each one. Good examples of such write-ups can be seen on Ahead of the Game and Nico's Presents!.

Around the Wiki[]

Maintenance Checklists[]

Special Pages Notes
Broken redirects
Double redirects
Must be empty at all times. If a redirect appears here, please edit it to point to the correct page.
What links here
Wanted files
Wanted pages
Check WhatLinksHere first to avoid creating unnecessary pages or files. Unimplemented character cosmetics often appear in WantedFiles, so those files should not be uploaded unless the cosmetic has a known unlock method.
Pages linking to disambiguation pages In most cases, these pages should be edited to link to the intended page rather than the disambiguation page.
List of files with duplicates Resolving duplicate files requires some help from admins. Where possible, pages should be edited to link to just one version of the file. The duplicate will need to be either deleted, or deleted and re-created as a simple redirect.
Exception: Files that are duplicated in the game itself should be left alone and not deduplicated.
Category Page Count
Cleanup 24
Pages that need strategy info 80
Stubs 142
Images needing improvement 26