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A New Star is Born.jpg A New Star is Born
Enchant your audience with a very special song.

A New Star is Born is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice! It is one of 3 achievements included within DLC 21.



The hardest part of this achievement is obtaining Special Stage while playing as Poppo. The simplest way to do this is by using  Mimic on another player who is playing Cuties. However, it can also be stolen through  Gift Exchange,  Tragedy in the Dead of Night,  Scrambled Eve,  Exchange,  Present Thief, or  Treasure Thief. It can even be obtained randomly via the TreasureTreasure
At the start of every Chapter places a chest on a random panel (up to board size limit). Stopping on the panel with the chest will the give the player its contents.
Treasure chest stars.png Gives stars equal to the current number of Chapters.
Treasure chest cards.png Gives a random hyper card.
field event, the PlaygroundPlayground
Places several PMinigame.png Minigame panels around the board. These panels will trigger a minigame for any player who lands on them. The panels are then removed at the end of the Chapter.
field event, or  Miracle Walker.

After the card has been obtained, the achievement will be immediately granted upon its use.