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A Tight Budget.jpg A Tight Budget
Revised the budget to save 50 stars (DLC 3)

A Tight Budget is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice!. It is one of 7 achievements associated with DLC 3Mixed Booster Pack DLC.jpg.


Use 60 stars' worth of cards in a single chapter after using  President's Privilege.


  • If the player uses two or more  President's Privilege in the same chapter, only cards that are used after the most recent use of President's Privilege count for the achievement.
  • Using the damage-doubling ability of Suguri (46 Billion Years) does not count for the achievement, since it requires the player to pay double the card's cost regardless of President's Privilege's effect.


  • This achievement can be difficult since it requires the player to be at Norma level 4 and hold very specific cards all at once. The most reliable strategy is to play  President's Privilege followed by a high-cost Boost or Event card, then immediately battle another unit on the same turn and play a high-cost Battle card. Some good combinations of cards that don't rely on using specific characters include:
  • An alternative strategy involves holding multiple battle cards and triggering multiple battles while under the effect of  President's Privilege. This can be done by being challenged to battle on an opponent's turn, battling multiple opponents on the same panel, or using Hypers such as  Whimsical Windmill or  Rival.
  • A solid combo for Marc players at level 4 or 5 is President's Privilege >  x16 Big Rocket >  Big Magnum. This is more convenient for many as it relies on cards Marc would normally keep in her hand anyway. A similar method can be used for Ellie, swapping x16 Big Rocket with her own hyper,  Ellie's Miracle.