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A Tight Budget.jpg A Tight Budget
Revised the budget to save 50 stars (DLC 3)

A Tight Budget is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice. It is one of 7 achievements included within DLC 3.



  • This one can be difficult to pull off, since it requires very specific cards all being in your hand at once, and being at minimum Norma 4. First off,  President's Privilege must be played, followed by any combination of cards whose sum of stars consumed adds to 60 (Steam description is slightly misleading since it is subtracting the 10 stars used with President's Privilege). Depending on your character, there are a number of possible combinations, many utilizing hypers, but the first card must be used prior to battle, and the second, in a battle on the same turn, since this is the only way to be using 2 cards in the same turn (discounting Sherry and her hyper). Because of this, it is highly advisable you are a tile or two away from an opponent when you start. From there, it is up to you, but a generally acceptable method is with  Little War or  Sealed Guardian as the first, and  Final Battle or  Reverse Attribute Field as the battle card, since this strategy can be used with any character and doesn't rely on hypers.
  • A solid combo for Marc mains at norma 4 or 5 is President's Privilege >  x16 Big Rocket >  Big Magnum. This is more convenient for many as it relies on cards Marc would normally keep in her hand anyway. A similar method can be used for Tomomo, swapping x16 Big Rocket with her own hyper,  Magical Massacre, but is quite a bit more finicky.
  • As an aside, using a second President's Privilege card doesn't count towards the 60 star sum, for whatever reason.

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