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Acceleration Pack
Acceleration Pack.png
Pack Information
  Symbol   Pack4icon.png
  Pack Price   320★
  Patch Added   1.14
DLC Information
  DLC   8
  DLC Price   $1.99

Acceleration Pack is the fourth card pack available in 100% Orange Juice. The pack is the eighth DLC in the game and was the second DLC card pack released for the game. It was released October 17, 2016. The Acceleration Pack is the fourth most expensive pack out of all the packs in the game and was the first pack to feature Gift cards. The acceleration set itself contains the third largest amount of cards behind the Base Pack with 12 collectible cards: 4 rares, 4 uncommons, and 4 commons. In total the pack adds, 3 battle cards, 2 boost cards, 3 event cards, 2 gift cards, and 2 trap cards. Similar to the Base Pack, the cards feature a wide range of designs by multiple illustrators.



Accel Hyper.pngAccel Hyper.png  Extension.pngExtension.png  Quick Restoration.pngQuick Restoration.png          
Gentleman's Battle.pngGentleman's Battle.png  Completion Reward.pngCompletion Reward.png        
Star-Blasting Light.pngStar-Blasting Light.png  Play of the Gods.pngPlay of the Gods.png  Scrambled Eve.pngScrambled Eve.png          
Windy Enchantment.pngWindy Enchantment.png  Unlucky Charm.pngUnlucky Charm.png        
Present Thief.pngPresent Thief.png  Brutal Prank.pngBrutal Prank.png