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Shortly after the events of SUGURI, Saki has created one pudding and is upset that this is not enough to share with everyone. Nanako asks why Saki could not just make another and Saki explains that there are just not enough ingredients. Iru, Kae, Hime, and Suguri are upset that this pudding cant be shared but then Kyoko suggests just to fight for it. Saki argues that she made the pudding with her own hands and that she should have it, she wants to experience what pudding is like. Saki pleads for there to be no fights and to let her just have the cup of pudding. Everyone then agrees to just fight Saki for the cup of pudding and they all attack Saki.

After beating everyone in battle, Saki hears someone asking her if she wishes to obtain pudding. This person explains that pudding led countries to ruin and brought confusion and sacrifice to the world, and this person asks if Saki still desires pudding even after all of this. Saki responds that she did not come this far to give up, she says that even though she just fought with her friends, its not the cup of pudding's fault, the cup of pudding did nothing wrong. Her stomach craves for the pudding, and she will eat it with no regrets. The mysterious person sees that Saki truly desires pudding and reveals herself as QP and announcing that Saki will have the pudding over QP's dead body. QP introduce herself as the pudding deity, she was born from the wishes of pudding creators of the past to not let pudding cause so much havoc ever again. However, QP knew that deep down, these wishes that brought her birth were actually wishes for pudding to bring happiness to others again. This is why QP has appeared, to not let pudding cause destruction, only happiness. QP fights Saki to see if Saki truly wants to eat Pudding, Saki must overcome QP as a final test to see if Saki can show the pudding to happiness.

After the battle, QP says that Saki's desire is not strong enough to grant the wishes that gave QP life. Saki is worried that fighting anymore will leave QP in a worse shape than she is in right now. QP says that Saki must finish off her in order for the pudding to find happiness in Saki. QP tells Saki that she is destined to disappear anyways, QP and Saki are very similar in character and they cannot be together for long. QP convinces Saki to not hold back or she will regret not being able to eat pudding forever. QP thanks Saki for finishing her off and Saki blasts her with a big bang bell.

Saki eats the cup of pudding, but then it is revealed that all of this was just in her dreams.