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Sometime after the events of Acceleration of Suguri, something begins to move around a piece of the spaceship that fell to the Earth in SUGURI.

An unknown person wakes up Alte. Alte asks why she is revived, and the unknown person says Alte is not revived, she is reproduced. This person is in an urgent need for strong soldiers that are stronger than the Shifu Brands. Alte does not understand the situation but but knows that she will have to obey this person if it is an order. Alte could not believe she has to fight on this planet again, after it was revived.

After beating the Shifu Brands and the ship's guardian angel, Hime, Alte arrives back to where she woke up, the site of the piece of the spaceship, and she finds the last of the Shifu Brand, Kyoko. Kyoko finds it cumbersome how attackers come one after another and Alte praises Kyoko for coming this far for being out of shape. Kyoko asks Alte to treat her more gently since Alte knows her body is out of shape. Alte declines to go gently because her orders must be followed, however Alte dislikes having to go with her full force on someone who is teetering on the edge. So Kyoko asks Alte if she can let her go home then, since Alte does not agree with the orders. Alte attacks Kyoko, asking Kyoko to not hold a grudge against her, Kyoko gets another headache.

After beating Kyoko, Alte goes to the person who reproduced her, stating that her mission is complete. This person is revealed to be Sumika, and she applauds Alte's work for hurting the Shifu Brands and the Guardians. Alte asks what she is supposed to do now that her mission is done, and Sumika responds by saying Alte will not be able to exist for much longer. Sumika gets and idea for Alte to fight her, in order to get combat experience. Alte is angry that Sumika made her for selfish reasons and that she will disappear soon. Sumika tells Alte to focus her anger into fighting Sumika, so Sumika can get lots of experience, and Alte agrees to.

After beating Sumika, Sumika complains that this fight is far from level grinding. Alte forgives Sumika, after feeling better from the fight. Alte has a question for Sumika, since she has been researching the planet's memories, Alte wants to know what happened to someone, her husband. Sumika teases Alte by asking if this person is her boyfriend and tells Alte not to be embarrassed. Sumika reveals that Alte's husband's data is not in the planet's memories but in the ship's data archives. He was one of the earliest crew members of the ship, Alte is relived to hear her husband lasted through the war. Sumika also reveals that Alte's husband remained single for the rest of his life, perhaps by being unable to get Alte out of his mind. Alte calls her husband a moron for remaining single and states that now she has no regrets and will go back to sleep now. Sumika apologizes to Alte for ordering Alte around and thanks her for her work. Alte tells Sumika to not ever wake her up again and Sumika agrees not to.