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Sometime after the events of Acceleration of Suguri, something begins to move around a piece of the spaceship that fell to the Earth in SUGURI.

Hime arrives at a site where someone was seen to be flying in the sky. Hime has a terrible feeling that there will be big trouble. Star Breaker finds Hime and greets her as the princess of sky. Star Breaker introduces herself as the princess of flame, a flame to burn the planet. Hime says what Star Breaker is saying sounds dangerous. Star breaker says it is time for the two princesses to fight with Hime saying she is not actually a princess. Star breaker explains that after this fight, the will turn the planet into charcoal, Hime says she won't let this happen.

After beating all the reproductions of those who fought Sora during the war, Hime arrives at the site of the piece of the spaceship. She knows who is capable of creating mechanical dolls that can mimic people of the past. Hime finds Sora looking angry. Sora explains that all these people who are attacking are people she fought before. Sora says all this is unforgivable, waking people who are resting in peace and making them fight again, she will stop whoever is doing this. Hime asks if she can take care of this since it is someone she knows but Sora disagrees with Hime. Sora does not want to overlook something so horrible and wants to fight this person. Hime really wants to deal with this on her own and does not want Sora to fight anymore, and she threatens to chain Sora up if she won't stop. Sora says she will just beat Hime and run.

After restraining Sora, Hime enters the spaceship and calls out Sumika to reveal herself. Sumika welcomes Hime and Hime says Sumika was made to a new guardian to replace Hime. Sumika explains she was abandoned in the middle of her development and she worked a lot to complete herself. Hime praises Sumika for her hard work and asks Sumika to explain what is going on. Sumika says she is thankful for Hime for helping her out as the ship was shot down, if Hime had not helped back then, Sumika would not be here now. Sumika still has to fight Hime because it was Shifu's wish for Sumika to surpass Hime. Hime curses Shifu for causing trouble even after he died then the two begin fighting.

After beating Sumika, Hime hopes Sumika learned a lesson. Sumika accepts that she cannot surpass Hime. Hime tells Sumika that she has a lot of people to apologize to and offers to go with her. Since Sumika thinks as Hime as a sister, Hime will treat her like one. Sumika apologizes to Hime and thank her. Hime remembers that Sora was very mad about what Sumika has done, so mad that she needed to be chained up. Hime wonders if Sora will ever forgive both of them. Sumika is shocked and asked if Hime really chained Sora up. Hime guesses that Sora is even madder now and regrets what she has done. Hime thinks if she and Sumika apologize together to Sora, it might work to Sora's anger. Sumika is very worried that Sora won't accept their apologies and thinks they will be probably fine, maybe. Hime guesses Sora might burn the two with a hot laser beam, but Hime is very sure it will be all fine. Sumika does not have any confidence that anything is fine at all. Hime unrestrains Sora and tries to calm down Sora. Sumika begs for forgiveness and promises not to do anything like she has done again. Hime also apologizes as Sumika's sister. Sora tells the two not to worry as the heat of her lasers only last a moment. Hime and Sumika screams.