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Sometime after the events of Acceleration of Suguri, something begins to move around a piece of the spaceship that fell to the Earth in SUGURI.

Kae and Nanako arrives at a site where someone was seen to be flying in the sky, Kae is having fun while searching. Nanako says that this job is a pain but Kae tells Nanako to just keep moving on. Nanako asks Kae to take over so Nanako can just go home. Kae tells Nanako she cannot do that and Nanako asks Kae if she is looking for a fight. Kae agrees to fight if that is what Nanako wants. Nanako wants to make it so whoever wins can get out of the searching job, but Kae does not really want to slack off. Nanako doesn't care if Kae wants to do the job or not, she decides to just fight so she can go home.

Kae beats Nanako but ends home going home anyways, leaving Kae to work by herself.

After beating all those who fought Sora during the war, Kae arrives at the site of the piece of the spaceship, Kae is happy she got to play with a lot of people today. Tsih appears and sees that Kae wants to play more. Kae comments that Tsih is even shorter than Nanako. Kae's comment offends Tsih so Tsih hurls a giant rock at Kae. Kae says Tsih is strong but says she is stronger than Tsih. Tsih says these are big words for Kae and the two fight to see who is stronger.

After beating Tsih, Kae is happy from the nice workout Tsih gave her and finds herself inside the spaceship. Kae wonders where she is as Sumika reveals herself and introduces herself. Kae recalls that the ship's name is Sumika, and Sumika says she is the incarnation of the ship. Sumika is mad that everyone left her behind so Kae apologizes but Sumika would not forgive Kae. Mad that the Shifu Brands forgot about their old home, Sumika threatens to put everyone inside a dark room. Kae broke down and shivers after hearing Sumika's threat. Sumika, after mentally incapacitating Kae, decides to use this opportunity to beat Kae but then Kae stops shivering. Kae does not want to be locked up ever again an releases her fighting spirit. Kae tells Sumika that if Sumika wants to lock Kae up, Kae will crush her, then the two fight.

After beating Sumika, Sumika apologizes for saying something horrible to Kae. Kae accepts Sumika's apology and decides to go home. Kae tells Sumika that she will come and visit Sumika every now and then so she won't be lonely anymore. Kae apologizes for forgetting about Sumika and promises to come back to play. Sumika pleads with Kae to not play anymore.