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Sometime after the events of Acceleration of Suguri, something begins to move around a piece of the spaceship that fell to the Earth in SUGURI.

Kyoko arrives at a site where someone was seen to be flying in the sky. Kyoko tells herself that she is not great on jobs like this and her old wounds ache today. Nath shows up and tells Kyoko that she seems to be in bad shape. Kyoko immediately deduces that Nath is the person she was sent to look for. Kyoko tells Nath that she does not want Nath to worry about her condition while telling Nath that her complexion looks terrible. Nath tells Kyoko her complexion has always been like this with Kyoko asking if the way Nath is, is dangerous for herself, but Kyoko also says she is not one to talk since Kyoko herself is almost as bad as Nath. Kyoko asks who Nath, and Nath introduces herself as Nath, an ultimate weapon from the past. Nath states her object is to make Kyoko feel pain. Kyoko says she is already in a lot of pain and Nath can see that. Kyoko is sure her body pain is not as bad as what Nath is facing but Nath corrects Kyoko by saying her body does not feel any pain at all. Kyoko questions Nath's statement and sees if she does not feel pain as the fight between them begins.

After beating all those who fought Sora during the war, Kyoko arrives at the site of the piece of the spaceship and Kyoko finds it cumbersome that people keep coming one after another to attack her. Kyoko is starting to see what is really going on as Alte appears and praises Kyoko for coming this far for being out for shape. Kyoko asks Alte to treat her more gently since Alte knows her body is out of shape. Alte declines to go gently because her orders must be followed, however Alte dislikes having to go with her full force on someone who is teetering on the edge. So Kyoko asks Alte if she can let her go home then, since Alte does not agree with the orders. Alte attacks Kyoko, asking Kyoko to not hold a grudge against her, Kyoko complains that Alte is another pain in the neck.

After beating Alte, Kyoko enters the spaceship and confirms her suspicions. Sumika welcomes Kyoko back home. Kyoko reveals that Sumika is another guardian angel of the spaceship, a mechanical doll made to take Hime's place as guardian. Sumika should have been abandoned since she was never finished so Kyoko asks Sumika why she is here now. Sumika explains that she completed herself after some time. Sumika is angry that Kyoko abandoned her for all this time so Kyoko apologizes and explains that she thought Sumika was gone along with the ship. Sumika argues that Kyoko could have at least checked. Kyoko calls all this a pain in the neck to which Sumika finds offense to. Sumika attacks Kyoko to make her feel all the grudges she holds, so the two fight.

After beating Sumika, Sumika wonders how Kyoko beat her since Kyoko was in bad shape. Kyoko says Sumika is just weaker than Kyoko in her bad shape, and this statement pierces Sumika's heart. Kyoko asks if she can go home now, Sumika doesn't answer and calls Kyoko a terrible person. Kyoko decides to make Sumika promise to never do anything crazy anymore and in exchange, she can go home with Kyoko. Kyoko reasons that Sumika is like family and Sumika cries. Kyoko consoles Sumika and asks her to stop crying. Sumika asks if she really is family and Kyoko answers that Sumika is a keepsake of Shifu, so she is family. Sumika asks if she can call Kyoko "mom" and Kyoko responds with a question, asking if Sumika would like to be turn solid.