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Sometime after the events of Acceleration of Suguri, something begins to move around a piece of the spaceship that fell to the Earth in SUGURI.

An unknown person wakes up Mira. Mira asks why they are revived, and the unknown person says Mira is not revived, she is reproduced. This person is in an urgent need for strong soldiers that are stronger than the Shifu Brands. Mira does not care about this person's plans but will do them, just as long as they can screw things up as much as they want again.

After beating the Shifu Brands and the ship's guardian angel, Hime, Mira arrives back to where they woke up, the site of the piece of the spaceship, and they find the last of the Shifu Brand, Nanako. Nanako asks Mira who they are and Mira introduce themselves. Mira apologizes to Nanako that they will have to beat her up, Nanako sighs in response. Nanako says she is exhausted so Mira says to make things easier, just let them beat up Nanako and Nanako can rest. Nanako won't let some weirdo beat her up, saying how Mira's speech and act are weird, like Mira's red muffler. Nanako asks if Mira has no fashion sense and Mira says they look awesome with the red muffler, it is a sign of a hero. Nanako does not understand Mira and does not want to understand. Mira fights Nanako for making fun of them.

After beating Nanako, Mira goes to the person who reproduced them, saying that they completed the person's orders. This person is revealed to be Sumika, and she applauds Mira's work for hurting the Shifu Brands and the Guardians. Mira asks what they are supposed to do now, and Sumika responds by saying Mira will not be able to exist for much longer. Sumika gets and idea for Mira to fight her, in order to get combat experience. Mira calls Sumika crazy, how can they accept another fight after everything Sumika made them do. Sumika tells Mira to focus their anger into fighting Sumika, so Sumika can get lots of experience, and Mira says they'll be happy to.

After beating Sumika, Sumika wishes Mira went easy on her. Mira argues that Sumika did want to see Mira's full power in the first place. Mira wonders what they should do next and Sumika suggest for them to go look around the planet. Everything is more laid-back than the age where Mira originated from, so Mira decides to take their time to enjoy the peace. Mira just noticed that everything is shiny and bright, they never knew the planet was this beautiful. Now they understand why Sora was dying to protect the planet. Mira sets off to go see what the planet is like.