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Sometime after the events of Acceleration of Suguri, something begins to move around a piece of the spaceship that fell to the Earth in SUGURI.

Nanako and Kae arrives at a site where someone was seen to be flying in the sky. Nanako says that this job is a pain but Kae tells Nanako to just keep moving on. Nanako asks Kae to take over so Nanako can just go home. Kae tells Nanako she cannot do that and Nanako asks Kae if she is looking for a fight. Kae agrees to fight if that is what Nanako wants. Nanako wants to make it so whoever wins can get out of the searching job, but Kae does not really want to slack off. Nanako doesn't care if Kae wants to do the job or not, she decides to just fight so she can go home.

Nanako beats Kae but now that Kae is knocked out, only Nanako can do the job she was assigned to do.

After beating all those who fought Sora during the war, Nanako arrives at the site of the piece of the spaceship and Nanako asks herself why people are attacking her. Nanako curses Kae for easily passing out from their fight and having to keep working after. Mira appears and answers Nanako's question by saying she is their target. Nanako is exhausted and Mira says to make things easier, just let them beat up Nanako and Nanako will be done with her job. Nanako won't let some weirdo beat her up, saying how Mira's speech and act are weird, like Mira's red muffler. Nanako asks if Mira has no fashion sense and Mira says they look awesome with the red muffler, it is a sign of a hero. Nanako does not understand Mira and does not want to understand. Mira fights Nanako for making fun of them.

After beating Mira, Nanako enters the spaceship and recognizes it. Sumika reveals herself and welcomes Nanako home. Nanako recalls that the ship's name is Sumika, and Sumika says she is the incarnation of the ship. Nanako says she does not care and assumes Sumika is behind everything. Sumika proves Nanako's assumption correct, saying she cannot stand everyone having fun without her, which is why she sent people to attack Nanako. Nanako gives Sumika a scary look for making her do all this work, it was too much effort to fight all of the attackers. Nanako tries to blame Sumika for Kae too but Sumika argues she is not responsible for that. Nanako decides to pour her anger into fighting Sumika, so the two fight.

After beating Sumika, Nanako makes Sumika promise to never bother her again. Sumika promises and apologizes. Nanako makes Sumika to also promise to never disobey her again. Sumika promises again and apologizes again. Nanako claims Sumika as her slave and Sumika almost promises to be Nanako's slave until she fully realizes what Nanako is saying. Nanako calls Sumika Pooch and decides to go home. Sumika says she isn't Pooch and not Nanako's slave, but Nanako threatens to use her bits and Sumika quivers. Sumika is fine being Pooch and wonders to herself how everything has come to this.