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Sometime after the events of Acceleration of Suguri, something begins to move around a piece of the spaceship that fell to the Earth in SUGURI.

Saki arrives at a site where someone was seen to be flying in the sky. She says to herself that she is better at searching for people than anyone else because of her scouting abilities. Tsih finds Saki first while holding a huge rock. Saki is amazed that, in her own words, a little girl is holding a huge rock. Tsih finds Saki calling her a little girl offensive and swings the rock at Saki, which she evades. Saki's pleads for Tsih to stop swinging rocks at her, but Tsih does not stop, Tsih wants to beat up Saki.

After beating all those who fought Sora during the war, Saki arrives at the site of the piece of the spaceship and Saki asks herself why she is getting attacked. She wonders if the reason she is being attacked is because she is ultra super cute. Sham shows up admitting that Saki is adorable. However, Sham says she is also cute, slightly cuter than Saki. Saki cannot let Sham's remark pass, but Saki also admits that Sham is cute, stating that Sham has a super attractive, smoking hot body. However, Saki states she is more cuter than Sham because she can cook and she has a cheerful personality. Sham argues that she owns a cheerful personality as well. Saki says both girl's cheerful level are equal at the moment, to which Sham agrees. Both agree that whoever can fight cuter and obtain victory shall be the cutest.

After beating Sham, Saki enters the spaceship, proclaiming herself as the cutest girl of the entire planet. Sumika reveals herself and greets Saki. Saki recalls that the ship's name is Sumika, and Sumika says she is the embodiment of the ship's cuteness. Sumika does not like how everyone is having fun and she was left alone, which is the reason why she sent all those attackers after Saki. Saki is worried because she is worn out after all the battles, and Sumika thinks she can win if Saki is all worn out. Sumika states she will take down Saki and claim the title of the cutest girl of the entire planet. Saki will not let her title be taken, she agrees that Sumika is cute, like a flower in a desert, but she herself is ultra super cute, like a flower field under a starry night sky. Saki announces that she will be the master of cuteness, then the two fight.

After beating Sumika, Saki proclaims herself as the master of cuteness. Sumika asks Saki if she feels embarrassed about herself, and Saki admits she is after calming down. So, to tease Saki, Sumika proclaims herself as the master of cuteness, she is ultra super cute, like a flower field under a starry night sky. Saki asks Sumika to forgive her, she was just riding on the mood. Saki asks Sumika what was her goal, and Sumika is dumbfounded, Saki was asking this too late.