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Sometime after the events of Acceleration of Suguri, something begins to move around a piece of the spaceship that fell to the Earth in SUGURI.

An unknown person wakes up Sham. Sham wants to celebrate her comeback rather than follow this person's orders. The persons tells Sham to just get the order done. Sham finds Sora not wanting to fight Sora but having no choice to. Sora asks if Sham is really Sham and Sham answers she cannot say if she is real but she is a close approximation. Sora says Sham is not makign any sense. Sham calls Sora and airhead and that is what makes Sora adorable. Sham says her missions is less serious than what it was before and fights Sora to see who is stronger and cuter.

After beating the Shifu Brands and the ship's guardian angel, ​Hime​, Sham arrives back to where she woke up, the site of the piece of the spaceship, and she finds her last target, ​Saki​. Saki asks who Sham is and why she is attacking her. Saki wonders if the reason she is being attacked is because she is ultra super cute. Sham admits that Saki is adorable. However, Sham says she is also cute, slightly cuter than Saki. Saki cannot let Sham's remark pass, but Saki also admits that Sham is cute, stating that Sham has a super attractive, smoking hot body. However, Saki states she is more cuter than Sham because she can cook and she has a cheerful personality. Sham argues that she owns a cheerful personality as well. Saki says both girl's cheerful level are equal at the moment, to which Sham agrees. Both agree that whoever can fight cuter and obtain victory shall be the cutest.

After beating Saki, Sham goes to the person who reproduced her, who is revealed to be Sumika, and she applauds Sham's work for hurting the Shifu Brands and the Guardians. Sham says her work is not over yet, she still have one more enemy left and it is Sumika. Sumika is Sham's boss but Sham still sees her as adorable, any cute person is an enemy to Sham.

After beating Sumika, Saki has reached the pinnacle of cuteness but Sumika notes that Sham is just a lone idol. Sham cannot form an idol unit without someone as cute as her, Sham has isolated herself by beating all those who are cute. Sham wonders if there is any hope but then she hears Sora calling her. Sora wants to know what Sham was talking about earlier, before their fight but then Sham gets an idea. Sora is the perfect person to help Sham form an idol unit. Sora wants to know what on earth Sham is talking about but Sham urges Sora to become idols together without explaining. Sham wants to practice their new song as idols and Sumika provides lyrics to their song, thinking something like this will happen. Sora still understands nothing as Sham is excited that their CD will sell millions. Sham predicts she and Sora will shine bright as idols.