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Sometime after the events of Acceleration of Suguri, something begins to move around a piece of the spaceship that fell to the Earth in SUGURI.

Sora thinks about how much work it took to make the planet beautiful again, it has been ten thousand years since her own era. Sora wishes she could have helped the people of the past revive the planet. Sora was then surprised when Sham suddenly shows up saying it has been forever since they saw each other and asks why Sora looks so shocked. Sora wonders if she is dreaming but Sham tells her that this is real. Sora asks if Sham is really Sham and Sham responds by saying it's a good question, further confusing Sora. Sham says her mind and body are Sham's to a degree but the difference is that this time, she is not on Sora's side. Sora wonders what this means, but Sham stops the conversation and fights Sora.

After beating those she fought in the past, Sora still wonders why people from ten thousand years ago are fighting in the present time. Sora arrives at the site of the piece of the spaceship, where she finds Hime telling Sora not feel sad. Hime says she knows who is doing all of this, reviving people from the planet's memories and sending them to attack Sora and her friends. Hime can see why this person is doing this but cant believe this person is taking it this far, Sora says all this is unforgivable. Hime asks if she can take care of this since it is someone she knows but Sora disagrees with Hime. Sora does not want to overlook something so horrible and wants to fight this person. Hime really wants to deal with this on her own and does not want Sora to fight anymore, and she threatens to chain Sora up if she won't stop. Sora says she will just beat Hime and run.

After beating Hime, Sora enters the spaceship looking for the mastermind. Sumika welcomes Sora but asks why Sora came of all people. Sumika says she has no business with Sora but thinks of a reason to spite Sora after remembering that Sora did beat all her imitations, ruining her plans. Sora asks Sumika why she woke the people from the past up, and Sumika answers by saying she took the strongest people out of the planet's memories and recreated them so she can use them for revenge. However, Sora was not initially one of Sumika's targets for revenge but since Sora ruined her revenge, Sumika thinks Sora deserves some pain. Sora says she already had enough pain by seeing those who are in rest fight again, Sora cannot forgive Sumika for this. Sumika says Sora looks scary as Sora tells Sumika to get ready to fight.

After beating Sumika, Sora makes Sumika promise to never do anything like this again, and Sumika promises. Sumika tells Sora that she has a message for her while looking through the planet's memories, Sumika wanted to give it to Sora when they meet. Sumika gets an idea and asks a Sham imitation to come out and read the message to Sora. The message is from the original Sham, thanking Sora for ending the war and keeping their promise. The original Sham explains that everyone in the past will repair the planet in hopes that Sora wakes up to a blue sky. The reproduced Sham admits that she is not the real Sham but she really appreciates everything Sora has done and apologizes for attacking Sora earlier. Sumika apologizes, saying it was her fault for ordering her imitations to attack anyone flying in the sky. Sora is happy to hear the message coming directly from Sham. Sham says she is not supposed to exist here and she will have to go back to where she belongs and tells Sora to be happy with the blue sky.