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Sometime after the events of Acceleration of Suguri, something begins to move around a piece of the spaceship that fell to the Earth in SUGURI.

An unknown person wakes up Star Breaker. Star Breaker asks why she is revived in an era like this, and the unknown person says Star Breaker is not revived, she is reproduced. This person is in an urgent need for strong soldiers that are stronger than the Shifu Brands. Star Breaker understands she is supposed to burn out everything, Sumika reveals herself as the unknown person and asks Star Breaker to not go overboard. Sumika looks forward to Star Breaker's work.

After beating the Shifu Brands and the ship's guardian angel, Hime, Star Breaker arrives back to where she woke up, the site of the piece of the spaceship, finding Suguri. Star Breaker welcomes Suguri as the guardian angel of the planet as Suguri is shocked that even Star Breaker was reproduced. Star Breaker introduces herself as a monster that turns planets into dust. Suguri says that Star Breaker is not allowed to exist in this world and Star Breaker agrees, saying that there is nothing to do since there is no war. Star Breaker says that Suguri is born to repair the planet, and she was born to break the planet, they must fight now that they have met each other. They must fight to determine who gets to accomplish their goal. Suguri pledges she won't be erased by Star Breaker.

After beating Suguri, Star Breaker returns to Sumika. Sumika applauds Star Breaker's work, and also calls her Starb. Star Breaker dislikes Sumika calling her Starb, Sumika says it is her bad. Star Breaker asks if she can go back to sleep now since she finished her mission. Star Breaker does not need this warless world, and the world does not need Star Breaker either. Star Breaker wishes she can burn everything away but her body is not tough enough to make her wish come true. Sumika limited Star Breaker's strength to keep her in control. Star Breaker, again, tells Sumika she wants to leave this world already, she has no business here. Sumika asks Star Breaker to fight her, Sumika wants some combat experience before Star Breaker goes back to sleep. Star Breaker agrees with Sumika's idea, she thinks it will make her feel better by burning up the person who woke her up in a boring era.

After beating Sumika, Star Breaker did not feel better at the slightest. Star Breaker asks if she is finally done now. Sumika says she has nothing left for Star Breaker to do and asks Star Breaker to go to sleep quietly. Star Breaker calls Sumika self-centered since she was the one who woke Star Breaker up in the first place. Star Breaker bids goodbye to the boring world and hopes the next time she wakes up, she will wake up in a world where she can shine, a world in a war. She wishes to die in such a world then Star Breaker falls back asleep. Sumika does not think Star Breaker's wish will come true, and pities her.