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Sometime after the events of Acceleration of Suguri, something begins to move around a piece of the spaceship that fell to the Earth in SUGURI.

An unknown person wakes up Tsih. Tsih finds this person a pain but she cannot disobey the person's order, so she says she will do her best. Tsih asks what is she here for and the person says there is in an urgent need for strong soldiers that are stronger than the Shifu Brands. Tsih does not understand but decides to just roll with it anyways.

After beating the Shifu Brands and the ship's guardian angel, Hime, Tsih arrives back to where she woke up, the site of the piece of the spaceship, and she finds the last of the Shifu Brand, Kae. Kae comments that Tsih is even shorter than Nanako. Kae's comment offends Tsih so Tsih hurls a giant rock at Kae. Kae says Tsih is strong but says she is stronger than Tsih. Tsih says these are big words for Kae and the two fight to see who is stronger.

After beating Kae, Tsih goes to the person who reproduced her, stating that she is done. This person is revealed to be Sumika, and she applauds Tsih's work for hurting the Shifu Brands and the Guardians. Tsih asks what she should do now and Sumika responds by saying Tsih will not be able to exist for much longer. Sumika gets and idea for Tsih to fight her, in order to get combat experience. Tsih agrees to go all out on Sumika and Sumika is grateful for Tsih doing her best but Tsih also says she will squish Sumika to death between two huge rocks. This was more than what Sumika was asking for but Tsih insists on squishing Sumika. Sumika asks if Tsih is mad and Tsih replies by telling Sumika she will regret treating her as a level grinding enemy, then the two fight.

After beating Sumika, Tsih asks Sumika again on what she is supposed to do now. Sumika has nothing for Tsih to do anymore so Tsih decides to go out and eat yummy food. Tsih is sure that now that the planet is restored, there should be lots of delicious food. Tsih wants to fill her empty stomach and mind with sweet food and spicy food, as long as it is not bitter. Sumika breaks the news to Sumika that the way she recreated them, they cannot eat. Tsih shivers and shake at Sumika's words. After pulling herself together, Tsih resolves to mash Sumika between two huge rocks and Sumika pleads Tsih not to.