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Full Speed Alicianrone
Full Speed Alicianrone.png
Roll a die and move result x 3 panels. Deal damage equal to the result to each unit you pass during the move. If they are KO'd by the damage, gain Wins as though from a normal battle. After this effect, your turn ends.
Hyper Info
30 ★
"I'll go fast and cut my way through!" - Alicianrone


Alicianrone's Hyper is Full Speed Alicianrone. When used, the player is prompted to roll a die. The player will then move a number of spaces on the board equal to the result of the die roll x 3. Any opponents passed on the board during this movement will take damage equal to the result of the die roll. If they are KO'd by this effect, the player will earn wins equal to the amount earned from a normal battle with that unit. Despite what the card says, the Hyper only skips the move roll phase and not the whole turn, meaning panels are still triggered when landed on.

The initial die roll and subsequent movement prompted by the Hyper is not affected by any dice-altering or movement roll effects, except  Lucky Sevens. However,  Move and  Warp Move panels may still be triggered during the movement phase of the Hyper to prompt a standard movement roll, without ending the Hyper's effects. Additional movement rolls will not affect how much damage is dealt by the Hyper, and the Hyper's effects will not end until the player's turn ends.

If an opponent damaged by the Hyper is not KO'd by its effect, they can be challenged to battle as normal. This will end the player's movement and trigger the current panel as with a normal move roll.


The Hyper is useful for multiple purposes. Firstly, it can be used to get up to 6 wins at once depending on the die roll. Additionally, it can be used to weaken high HP characters before going for the kill. Lastly, it can be used to gain an increased movement roll in order to land on a home panel quickly.

One downside of this is that how powerful this card is entirely depends on the die roll. A weak die roll will render this card ineffective, especially for its high star cost. The Hyper can also be interrupted by cards like  Path Blockers and  Immovable Object. Due to its high star cost,  President's Privilege is highly recommended.