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Playing As Alicianrone
  • Cards that boost Alicianrone's ATK like  Big Magnum and  I'm on Fire! help secure the KO's that she desperately needs.
  • Alicianrone makes excellent use out of  Rainbow-Colored Circle since she can't rely on her DEF stat, and she is the best user of it against the Store Manager boss since she gets to 3 base EVD due to her passive.
  •  Lucky Sevens makes her more likely to KO players, makes her passive more likely help her, and makes it more likely for her hyper to get a high roll.
  • Due to her hyper being expensive and unreliable,  Mimic is a good option in order to get a hyper she can make more use out of.
  • If Alicianrone is trying to go for wins norma,  Party Time is a good way to set up her hyper.
  • Due to Alicianrone's hyper being expensive, and some of the cards that she would like to use,  President's Privilege is a good way to make sure that she doesn't spend too many stars.
  • Because Alicianrone is card reliant, cards like  Nice Present and  Princess's Privilege allow her to get the cards that she needs.
  •  Super All-Out Mode gives Alicianrone a really good ATK boost, and it synergizes with her passive decently since she will still have the same EVD odds against 0 and 1 ATK characters after she uses it. This card isn't recommended unless she brings  President's Privilege or  Play of the Gods.
  •  Forced Revival is a good option to get easy kills if Alicianrone is focusing on wins norma.
  •  Sealed Guardian is a good way to get kills while being at less of a risk due to having 1 EVD. Not recommended at all unless she has  President's Privilege or  Play of the Gods.
  •  Play of the Gods is a must have if Alicianrone is using high cost event cards.
  •  Accelerating Sky works really well with Alicianrone's stats since she ends up relying on EVD more often than most characters, while the debuff to everyone's DEF stat allows her to have better odds of KOing a player.
  • Since Alicianrone's hyper is generally not useful to her,  Brutal Prank gives her a way of dealing with characters with better hypers like Marie Poppo or Sora.
  •  Encore is a nice card for Alicianrone to have since it can give her more cards if it was placed on a  Draw panel, more stars if it was on a  Bonus panel, either securing a win or getting a chance of another one on an  Encounter panel, or being a deadly trap if on a  Drop panel. The  Encounter panel one is really only useful if she is going for wins norma.
Playing Against Alicianrone
  • Characters with both a positive DEF and ATK stat like Marc and Sherry shut Alicianrone down with ease.
  • Characters with 2 ATK like Yuki, Tomomo, and Store Manager can easily KO Alicianrone in one hit.
  •  Rbits generally makes sure that characters will survive against Alicianrone, even if she uses a battle card.
  •  Quick Restoration is a good card to bring against Alicianrone as a character that will generally survive a hit against her since it will heal any damage she deals unless she KO's.
  • Healing cards like  Saki's Cookie  Pudding,  Portable Pudding,  Dinner help make sure that you aren't low when Alicianrone is close, and she can't make much use out of them herself due to her frail defensive stats.  Saki's Cookie is mainly for characters with a positive DEF stat.
  • Cards that remove cards from player's hands like  Scrambled Eve,  Gift Exchange,  Flamethrower, and  Present Thief can remove cards that Alicianrone wants from her hand.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Big Magnum
 I'm on Fire!
 Lucky Sevens
 Rainbow-Colored Circle

 Accelerating Sky
 Nice Present

 Brutal Prank
 Forced Revival
 Party Time
 Play of the Gods
 President's Privilege
 Princess's Privilege
 Sealed Guardian
 Super All-Out Mode

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Gift Exchange
 Portable Pudding
 Scrambled Eve

 Present Thief
 Quick Restoration
 Saki's Cookie