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Alicianrone (アリシアンローネ) is an upcoming game from Orange_Juice that is currently under development. Little has been revealed of the game itself, though a number of proposed characters have made appearances in various Orange_Juice media; Orange_Juice's lead artist, hono, also sometimes uploads drawings of various characters from Alicianrone on his Twitter feed.


The plot of Alicianrone is unknown, but is assumed to center on the titular character of Alicianrone, who is reportedly referred to as "Barefoot Alicianrone" due to not wearing footwear. Alicianrone herself has been featured wearing a number of different outfits in various concept arts, suggesting that her clothing may be involved with the game's gameplay or plot.

Outside of Alicianrone herself, four other characters have been revealed in various media: Dirue, Ceoreparque, Miusaki, and Teotoratta. Alicianrone is acquainted with Ceoreparque and Miusaki and is Teotoratta's rival. Dirue's link to Alicianrone is unknown, although as they function as a pair in 200% Mixed Juice!, they seem closely related.


Alicianrone's setting is unknown, but it has been confirmed that 200% Mixed Juice! serves as a prologue for the game.[1][2][3]


Numerous characters from Alicianrone make appearances in 100% Orange Juice! as playable characters.