100% Orange Juice Wiki
On KO, also KO the opponent.
Enemy gains no stars or wins, and loses half their stars.
Hyper Info
10 ★
"I'm sorry...I can't make it back..."
- Alte


Alte's Hyper is Self-Destruct. When used in a battle, if the player is KO'd during the battle, they will not lose any stars and the opponent will not gain any stars or wins. In addition, the opponent will also be KO'd and will lose half their stars.

KO'ing an enemy with Self-Destruct does not give any stars or wins, and will not count as a KO for the purposes of any achievements or unlock requirements which involve defeating opponents.


Self-Destruct is unique in the sense that it can reward the player for deliberately walking into a potential KO situation. Self-Destruct will activate Alte's passive ability, giving her an additional +1 ATK (to a maximum of +3) for the remainder of the game. If used well, it has the ability to both feed Alte's ability to attack as well as stopping the advance of opponents. As a Hyper whose effects only activate upon the user being KO'd, timing is crucial for the proper usage of Self-Destruct. Although using Self-Destruct from full HP may work in some situations, such as against bosses (particularly the Store Manager) and high-attack characters, more often than not, using Self-Destruct from full HP will result in a wasted Hyper. Thus, it is critical that the player effectively manages their HP when looking to use Self-Destruct.

The main advantage that Self-Destruct has over any other Hyper is the unease generated by the card itself and its extremely cheap price. Opponents will often be wary of attacking Alte the longer the game progresses, as the risk of their assault backfiring will be ever-present. However, this is a double-edged sword, as the player may have to try to initiate combat themselves and damage their own health, and if Alte uses Self-Destruct while attacking and KO's the opponent, the Hyper will be wasted. In many cases, HP depletion will naturally occur throughout the game via landing on  Encounter panels and using cards to aid Alte's endeavors. Cards such as  Mimyuu's Hammer,  Cloud of Seagulls, and  Lonely Chariot can be used to lower Alte's HP, and cards such as  Lonely Chariot,  Dash!,  Overtime,  Assault,  Ambush, and especially  Gentleman's Battle can be used to force players into battling Alte.

The Hyper does have a few disadvantages. Self-Destruct usually requires similar setup to  Final Surgery, in that the player will want to lower their HP as much as possible to guarantee their own KO. Unfortunately, Alte's stats are not convenient for this task, as her low DEF may result in taking more damage than expected, causing Alte to be prematurely KO'd rather than simply reducing her HP, and her above-average EVD may cause her to dodge strong attacks when the player intended for the opponent to KO them. The player may also never get to use the Hyper, as similar to Nath, players may actively avoid attacking Alte for fear of activating Self-Destruct, which is problematic if the player is behind in star count and needs to KO someone to have a chance. The player will also not be able to start using the Hyper until Norma 3, which gives the Hyper a late start unless  Price of Power is used.

A more unique detriment to Self-Destruct is that, similar to  Solid Witch, there are a few characters and cards that can maneuver around its effect. For instance, if NoName is not in NoName (Head) form, Self-Destruct will not KO him or cause him to lose stars. Similarly, QP's  Hyper Mode will not prevent the KO, but will prevent the star loss effect. Cards such as  Shield and  Dark Side of Business can also help the opponent easily bypass the Hyper.