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Tomato & Mimyuu

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Animal Farm.jpg Animal Farm
Defeat Big the Haruo on Hyper difficulty without taking out more than 2 of its minions.

Animal Farm is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice!



  • You should avoid challenging the chicken minions as you might accidentally kill them in the midst of chapters.
  • At least two attackers and one supporter are recommended so that the chapter won't last long. Attackers should prioritize stepping on boss panel and challenging Big the Haruo; the other player should use Forced Revival when the attackers are KO'd as Big the Haruo's high roll would make attacker's HP meaningless. One can use Kae with I'm On Fire! for huge damage, or use a character that revives fast such as Shifu Robot, and Sora (Military). (Basically similar strategy as Efficiency Theory)

Swarm, Savage Talon, and Final Warning are the biggest threats when you are dealing with Big the Haruo and its 4 minions. You may want to pack Dinner as a safety.