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This page lists April Fools jokes that have been pulled by Fruitbat Factory and others.

Since 2014, Fruitbat Factory has consistently announced fake updates to 100% Orange Juice! on April Fools' Day. Although they claim otherwise, no updates to the game were made to accompany these announcements. Many of the features in these announcements have been released for real in later updates.

Chaos Reigns in Version 4.1!

The 2022 announcement was posted on March 31st, 2022.[1] The game was in Version 3.9.6 at the time.

We're happy to present another massive update!

Version 4.1 adds an all-new game mode, new characters, and so much more!

New Bosses Land with a Blast!


Two highly anticipated boss characters are finally in! By popular demand, Star Breaker and NoName from the SUGURI series are now available for owners of the new Boss Breaker Pack!


Chaos Reigns!


On an auspicious day,
two Poppo met each other.
One asked for Chaos.
The other agreed.

New event, Fool's Gambit, is now live until the end of April! A massive new game mode, Chaos Mode, is playable during it! Chaos mode adds 15 further new game modes that break all the rules!

  • Hyper Deck: All cards in the deck will be changed to pre-generated Hypers.
  • Panel Shuffle: All panels besides any Warp, and Home panels will be randomized every chapter.
  • Ultimate Poppomania: All Hypers drawn will be Ubiquitous.
  • Fair Bully-Zone
    Star normas cannot be selected (unless forced). Adjust all unit base stats to be 0/0/0.
  • Enemy Draft: Selected units will change owners at the beginning of the match.
  • Ultimate Joker: All cards will act as they were level 1 and have no cost.
  • Bring Down The Tank: One player at random will see their HP increased by 50, and their base ATK will be set to be 2, while being impervious to KO card effects. Other players gain a permanent Dash. All cards are free to play and will act as they were level 1. If defeated, the other 3 players win the game. If not defeated under 30 chapters, the Tank wins the game.
  • Unstable Selection: Chosen characters are changed to a random character.
  • 100% Mixed Juice! All stats are randomized at the beginning of the game. All Hypers drawn will be random.
  • Multiplication Sensation: All stats, effects, and durations are multiplied by 2.
  • Faerize: All players will be changed into Aurora. A friendly bot taking over the unit you chose initially will join you on your panel, and share wins and stars. Your friendly bot is the only unit capable to norma. Guide your bot to victory to win the game.
  • Maxtension: All battle cards are replaced with Extension, which in this modifier becomes Level 1.
  • Poppoformation: All players turn into Poppo for two chapters after a random interval of 2-10 chapters.
  • Four Heavenly Kings: Each player will play as a random Co-op boss.
  • Forced Exchange: Every 5 chapters, at the start of the chapter, all cards in players hands are randomly redistributed as if Gift Exchange has been played.
  • Bomberjam: Everyone gets to place bombs down on their turn. It will explode in a random duration. You may also dash around a short distance.
  • Dynamis Dice: Choose the outcome of your dice roll. Once a number is picked, it will remain unavailable until all other numbers are used.
  • Shopaholic: Bounty Hunt shops will spawn on random panels, with tweaked item selection.
  • Knights and Faeries: At the beginning of the match, choose either to play as a Guardian, or Aurora, with modified attributes. All Hypers drawn will be random, and unexpected events may occur.

Other changes


  • 100% Orange Juice has been updated with a new, sleek logo!
  • Added a target indicator during Raging Madness, so there can be no more imposters among the opponents.
  • Home Improvement will now give players furniture instead of cards.
  • Cards such as Dinner, Pet Snacks and BanaNana now satisfy Cook's hunger.
  • Spectators can now bet stars on who will win the match. Once you've earned 5000 stars this way, your reward is a "Spectator" headwear for Haruo.
  • Marie Poppo is now added to the Wild Unit pool. This new wild unit has -1/-1/-1, 5 HP, and steals a star for every point of damage she deals. She will also randomly screech if no one has challenged her for a while.
  • Natsumi's secret title updated to "Sweet TikToker." Corresponding voice lines have also been updated.
  • Fixed profanity filter not applying to lobby passwords.
  • Made Santa's Workshop use the final episode of Crossed Xmases theme as a field theme.
  • Removed Merry Poppo from players upon finishing the Master of the Minions event.
  • Texts with the correct language translation missing now display in Popponese.
  • Added a VR mode to the game. 4 strangers enter a VR room together, where they find themselves bound to a home post, and equipped with Mimyuu's Hammer.


  • Malt can now perform a special defensive move called "castling", where Malt moves two spaces towards Flying Castle, and the Flying Castle warps just behind Malt. This move can only be performed if Malt or the Flying Castle has not moved during the game yet.
  • Dash is now Max 10.
  • Iru DEF increased to 0, up from -1.
  • Poppo is now forklift certified.
  • Mei: White Christsmasher range increased from 0 to 1. Now also discards your hand on use. True White Christsmasher range increased from 1 to 2.
  • Cuties got a pay cut after crashing too many events.
  • Suguri (46 Billion Years): Double Damage cost reduced to +50% (down from +100%).
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible for players to have enough stars to play Star-Blasting Light.

We're also happy to announce a new Kickstarter campaign for plushies for the 100% Orange Juice plushies coming soon! Prototypes for the plushies' plushies are almost finished! A new plushie sprite set is being added to the game for the corresponding plushie pet for owners of each plushie's plushie.


  • The images used in this announcement link to this video.
  • The artwork of two Poppos used in this announcement was drawn by Yulay Devlet.[2]
  • Unlike previous April Fools announcements, an update was released alongside this announcement, kicking off the Fool's Gambit event. This marks the first time that the biggest major announcement made in an April Fool's post ended up being added for real on the same day. However, only some of the listed mutators were featured in the actual event, with five of the listed event modes (Fair Bully-Zone, Bring Down The Tank, Faerize, Poppoformation, and Four Heavenly Kings) being fake.
    • Out of all the other announced features, only the Santa's Workshop field theme, and balance changes for Iru, Mei, Cuties, and Suguri (46 Billion Years)) were actually implemented.

Mamiya Poppo

The first announcement of 2021 was posted on March 31st, 2021.[3]

Fruitbat Factory's announcements began with a tweet announcing the release date of MAMIYA - A Shared Illusion of the World's End. Although the tweet is believed to be real, the announcement that followed is fake:

Don't forget that as usual, all owners of 100% Orange Juice on Steam will receive a free bonus character in MAMIYA - Mamiya Poppo is here to protect your hopes and dreams!


100% Orange Juice - Version 4.0 Adds New Game Mode!

The second announcement of 2021 was posted on April 1st, 2021.[4] The game was in Version 3.4.1 at the time.


We're excited to announce another huge content update for 100% Orange Juice!

First and foremost, as legally obligated by our shareholders, version 4.0 adds the much requested Battle Royale mode to 100% Orange Juice!!

Up to 256 players can compete in a no-holds-barred race for being the first to reach the final Norma!

100% Orange Juice Theatrical Feature!


We're hyped to announce that 100% Orange Juice - The Movie is coming soon to cinemas near you! This is an extended 6-hour Poppo Cut of the critically acclaimed feature film "Poppo March" lovingly remastered for IMAX and 4DX and featuring all-new content including a long-awaited appearance by the elusive Shroppo!

New event: Pigfestation!

New event combining a Valentine's Event and Pigformation is now live, allowing players to spread the good cheer of Pigformation! All Flying Red Barrels begin the event with the blessing of 'Pigformation' which can only be lifted by KO'ing another unaffected unit. The KO'd unit in turn becomes permanently Pigformed until it KOs another unit to pass on the blessing! In addition, Feed appears randomly on panels and can be collected by walking through them. Feed can be used in the Shop to directly give the blessing of Pigformation to your units that do not yet have it.

Free Bonus Character!


Owners of 100% Orange Juice on any platform now have access to a mysterious bonus character called "Kai" in 100% Orange Juice! He can be selected as one of the starter characters or purchased in the Shop later.

New Languages Supported!

We're happy to announce the addition of official support for 102 new languages to 100% Orange Juice! Going forward, all language options other than Japanese will be provided via Google Translate for the benefit of the highest number of players possible! With the new approach, we're also able to fully dub the game into all 109 supported languages via a revolutionary Text-to-Speech feature! To beta test the new features, click here.

Other Changes

  • You can now pet the dog in 100% Orange Juice, and give her pudding.
  • Landing on a Boss panel will sometimes no longer result in a fight as all the bosses have taken anger management classes and are handling things in healthier ways now.
  • Added safety rails for panels to prevent units under the effect of Freeze panels or BanaNana from falling into the endless abyss.
  • Due to new game rating guidelines, all Flying Red Barrel characters have been changed to bottles of their respective beverages to remain compliant. This change is only visual and does not affect gameplay.
  • The Waruda have vandalized the lobby avatar frames again, and the city put out a bidding competition for their repairs. Team Poppo won the bid promising to do it for 0 stars, and will be visiting all avatar frames soon to fix them. They've asked players to collect all their valuables in one place so they do not get any paint on them.


  • Limited Serious Battle to Max 1.
  • Lowered the cost of Deploy Bits from 20 to 10.
  • Lowered the cost of Dark Side of Business from 10 to 5.
  • Buffed Krila's unit name to Krilalaris.
  • Changed how Scrambled Eve functions. New description: All players return their hand to the deck, and the deck is shuffled. After 3 chapters, all players draw as many cards as they discarded from this effect.
  • Changed the effect of Princess' Privilege. New effect: If holding more 3 or more cards, discard all cards in your hand and draw 3 cards. If Princess's Privilege is the only card you are holding, draw 3 cards. Can only be used when holding more than 1 and less than 3 cards in your hand.
  • Changed the effect of Heat 300%. New effect: Stock Effect(1): In the next battle, gain -2 DEF.
  • Maynie: Fighting a Boss under the effect of Raging Madness now ends the battle and the unit is referred to an anger management class for 3 chapters.


  • Fixed a bug where playing as Chef would sometimes display as Chris outside of battles.
  • Fixed the visual appearance of Alicianrone, who no longer wears shoes on her feet alone but also on her hands and head.


  • This is the first time an April Fools announcement has been related to a game other than 100% Orange Juice.
  • This is the first April Fools announcement to link to a community-made mod on the Steam Workshop.
  • The "Battle Royale" image was really created in-game, despite the massive number of units that appeared.[3]
  • Kai was already in the game at the time of this announcement.
  •  BanaNana was not yet added to the game, despite being referenced in this announcement.
  • The effect of  Princess's Privilege listed in this announcement combines the card's original effect and current effect, but is incorrectly implemented and thus entirely useless.
  • A majority of the listed balance changes, as well as customizable lobby avatar frames, were later added for real in Version 3.5.

New Event Live, Game Mode & More Added in Version 2.8.3!

The 2020 announcement was posted on March 31st, 2020.[5] The game was in Version 2.8.2 at the time.

New Game Mode

New event is now live: Idol's Journey. The event introduces a new game mode which foregoes traditional gameplay in favor of a new rhythm game! Can you conquer the road to stardom? Event is live until April 31!

Enjoy a preview of the gameplay here!

2x EXP Event live!

In continuation of our #StayAtHome campaign, the classic Double EXP event has been dragged back kicking and screaming!

Until April 8, 10:00 PST, players will earn 2x online and co-op EXP!

New Voices

Voices have finally been added for the bosses of the game, bringing voice to all units in 100% Orange Juice!

Since adding smash hit voices to the regular wild units last year, and with the upcoming Witch Pack voices, the whole cast will now finally be voiced!

Enjoy a preview of the voices of Flying Castle, Store Manager and Shifu Robot here!


Full version 2.8.3 patch notes

  • New rhythm game "Idol's Journey" has been added. This replaces the normal versus mode.
  • Voices have finally been added for the bosses of the game, bringing voice to all units in 100% Orange Juice!
  • 90 new wild units have been added to the game, and you have to catch them all!
  • Added Hyper difficulty for single player missions. On Hyper difficulty, all opponents use double dice, in addition to the extreme difficulty adjustments. Clearing all missions on Hyper difficulty will unlock hats for your dice.
  • The Hearts system is now live! Now each character has five hearts that fill up as you use them, which will unlock their support dialogues as well as some other goodies! The stats of the character will also increase when the hearts are maxed out.
  • Character voices can now be played at will in-game for all players to hear for 50 Oranges apiece.
  • Added a new My Room feature - players can now upload a photo of their own room to a lobby for other players to mock.
  • Added beard color options for all characters.
  • Poppo has been revised. She can finally speak normally now.
  • The Cuties unit has split up citing creative differences.
  • Updated the Sound tab in the game's Configuration menu to have scrollbar support and rearranged some of its options.
  • Reaching lvl 50 in each of the co-op roles now unlocks one of the co-op bosses as playable units in normal mode.
  • Fixed a bug limiting the random interval character voices only happening at 8% of the intended frequency.
  • Nanako now has 8 Bits (up from 7). Her visuals have been updated accordingly.



  • The YouTube videos in this announcement were streamed live before being posted.
  • The image used in this announcement links to this video.
  • Unlike previous April Fools announcements, an update was released alongside this announcement. Out of the announced features, only the ones regarding Double XP Event, the updated Sound tab, and Poppo speaking normally were actually implemented.
    • After the update, Marie Poppo replaced the player's avatar on the Main Menu screen. Clicking on her would play a variety of amusing voicelines from many different voice actors. Her voice remained normal outside of the main menu, however. The main menu avatar went back to normal on April 2.
  • Co-op bosses were made playable by accident when the All Units Event was activated on April 9, just a week after this announcement. The event was deactivated within 30 minutes of its original start time, and was reactivated after a hotfix was released.[3]

100% Orange Juice Version 2.0 Brings New Voices!

The 2019 announcement was posted on March 31st, 2019.[6] The game was in Version 1.31.9 at the time.

We're happy to announce that by popular demand, voices have finally been made available for Robo Ball, Haruo and Jonathan in 100% Orange Juice - Mob Voice Pack 1!


See the new character trailer below!

Jonathan the Seagull voice: Kyle
Haruo the Chicken voice: SnufferinSnagglepuss
Robo Ball voice: Seon

100% Orange Juice - version 2.0 changes

  • By popular demand, 100% Orange Juice - Mob Voice Pack 1 is now available for purchase! Robo Ball, Haruo and Jonathan have been voiced in-house for your enjoyment!
  • A new golden crown cosmetic can now be unlocked by clearing each stage in the game on each difficulty.
  • 10 new hair styles have been added for each character in a new Epic Orange Chest, costing 100 oranges each.
  • A new Lounge feature has been added, where all your inactive characters spend their time during games gossiping and drinking their favorite beverages (*in-game purchases may apply in the future). Once your match ends, the characters leave the Lounge and join the character selection screen again.
  • Sora and Sham will now put on a live song performance when standing on the same panel.
  • Poppo pet has been added to the pet catcher in a new ultra rare tier with a 0.1% drop chance.
  • Further hat customization added! You can now customize your Poppo mask with accessories including eye color, hair color, and additional Poppo masks.
  • Pets can now be stolen by winning a battle against the unit who has it equipped.
  • Fixed a bug where the online reward unlocks meant for a client player would go to the lobby host instead.
  •  Scrambled Eve now gives you 5 stars for each card opponents discard.
  •  Ubiquitous cost has been increased to 10 (up from 0), and Poppo no longer moves after the warp but activates the panel she warps to. If the target panel is a home panel, Poppo automatically passes the norma check.
  • Kae's special ability now has her DEF value added to her ATK score, instead of reverse DEF value.
  • To compensate for the resulting lower performance, Kae now has +1 base DEF (up from -1), and gains an additional +1 DEF when attacking.
  •  Exchange now exchanges players' control of the characters.
  • Flying Castle can now counterattack when it's attacking.


  • The image used in this announcement links to this video.
  • Version 2.0 was later added for real on May 16th 2019, in the very next update to the game.
  • Sora & Sham (Cuties), a character that can have Sora and Sham put on a live song performance, was later added for real in Version 2.1, and was the very next new character added to the game after this announcement.

Version 1.30 Now Live, Adds Hats and Ranked Mode!

The 2018 announcement was posted on March 31st, 2018.[7] The game was in Version 1.26.1 at the time.


Many cool events await in our biggest content update, version 1.30! Just log in to begin the fun!

  • Hats have been added to 100% Orange Juice! 5 new Hats per character can be purchased from the new Hat Crate for 80 Oranges each. An additional 5 Hats can be gained as random drops. The Hats can be equipped by selecting Poppo Mask on your character, and then selecting which Hat you wish to equip on the mask from the new Hat submenu.
  • The long-awaited Ranked Mode has been added - compete in a fierce ladder for the top spot! A new matchmaking system will keep matching you against appropriate opponents based on your win rate! Exclusive rewards can be earned for top rankings!
  • A new boss enemy has been added: Mix Boss. Only appears in Ranked Mode.
  • You can now customize the eye color of your Poppo Mask!
  • Swimsuit costumes are now available for each character in the 100% Orange Juice - Summer Pack! For only $9.99 per character, you can take your characters to a relaxing beach vacation!
  • 100% Orange Juice - Enemy Voice Pack now available! The voice pack brings new life to the playable enemy characters by giving them all-new voices, recorded in-house. The pack is given to all users for free! It cannot be disabled.
  • Added a Fishing minigame, which can be played during other players' turns. Fish up exciting prizes, but beware - a Seagull may attack you if you're not careful!
  • Fixed a problem corrupting all users' save files. If you last logged in during version 1.3.2, your save data is not affected. For everyone else, select New Game in the main menu to begin your adventure! Players have been granted 1000 stars as compensation for possible lost content.
  • Increased Lone Rider's Speed by 1.


  • This announcement was accompanied by an apparent update to the game's files, likely intended to make this year's trick more believable. However, the update only changed metadata, and did not include any of the advertised changes.
  • The sprite of Mix Boss used in the image was made especially for this announcement.
  • Swimsuit costumes were added for real in Version 1.28, just four months after this announcement.
  • A fishing minigame was added for real in Version 2.9.8, more than two years after this announcement.
  • The concept of a fusion boss made from existing bosses was utilized later with the addition of RoPoChi in Version 2.7.
  • Version 1.3.2 is a version which became outdated less than a month after the game's release on Steam, and more than three years before this announcement was posted.

100% Orange Juice - Version 1.18 ~Lonely Chariot~ Now Live!

The 2017 announcement was posted on March 31st, 2017.[8] The game was in Version 1.17.5 at the time.


In response to some of the most long-standing requests, the highly anticipated 100% Orange Juice - Lone Rider & Scientist Character Pack is finally here alongside version 1.18 ~Lonely Chariot~!

Lone Rider
HP: 4
Attack: -1
Defense: -1
Evasion: 1

Gain +1 to all Move rolls.

Hyper: Full Throttle (Boost)
Level 1, Cost 10.
Gain +1 permanent bonus to Move rolls. Roll 4 die: For every 1 you roll, gain the following effect:
Flat tire: -2 permanent penalty to Move rolls.

HP: 6
Attack: +1
Defense: +1
Evasion: -1

Hyper: Avion Fire (Battle)
Deal 3 damage to the opponent at the start of battle. Target gains permanent -1 Defense.

The character pack is available for the low price of $9.99 with a - 2.5% launch discount!

In order to reach equiblirium in character genders, the next 10 character packs are planned to feature all male characters.

Version 1.18 Changes
  • To address the issue of excess stars, new items have been added to the Shop:
    • Luck Booster (Cost 500 stars): Gain +1 to internal Luck modifiers in the next game.
    • Roll Booster (2000 stars): consumable booster that gives a 6 on your next roll when using it during a game.
    • Life Booster (5000 stars): consumable booster that discreetly rigs all environmental modifiers to guarantee you survive the battle, when used at the beginning of a battle.
    • Victory Booster (10000 stars): consumable booster that can be activated after another player reaches Norma level 5. That player will never be able to land on a home for the rest of the game.
    • Poppo Booster (25000 stars): Global effect. All Poppo everywhere permanently steal 10% more stars.

...And more! Discover the exciting new items for yourself!

  • The new items can be purchased directly from a new quick shopping menu on the deck creation screen.
  • Stars can now be purchased for real money in the Steam store.
  • Stars can now be sold for real money in the Steam store.
  • After over 4.000 comments in the suggestion thread on forums, it's finally here: in-game chat has been added to the game! Just press Enter during a multiplayer match to talk to other players!

Look forward to a jolly good time!


  • The sprite of Scientist used in the image is from 200% Mixed Juice!.
  • Steam Marketplace integration was added for real in Version 1.31, though it is for Pets instead of Stars.
  • In-game chat was already an implemented feature at the time of this announcement.
  • A fake hotfix was announced within an hour of this announcement.[3]
  • Lone Rider was added for real in Version 3.7, more than four years after this announcement.

The Breaker Pack Announced!

The 2016 announcement was posted on April 1st, 2016.[9] The game was in Version 1.12.1 at the time.


We're happy to announce that next character pack for 100% Orange Juice will be the Breaker Pack, featuring the two fan favorites: Star Breaker from Sora and Sweet Breaker from QP Shooting – Dangerous!!

And that's not all! In addition to adding the 2 playable characters, the Breaker Pack will add all-new campaigns for both, where they struggle against the ultimate boss… Poppo!
(Spoiler: Poppo wins.)

Look forward to it after 10.000 years!


  • The sprites of Star Breaker and Sweet Breaker used in the image are from 200% Mixed Juice!.
  • The Breaker Pack, featuring playable Star Breaker, Sweet Breaker, and all-new campaigns for both, was added for real in the very next version of the game, only two months after this announcement. Therefore, it could be said that the true trick in this announcement was the implication that it was a trick at all.

100% Orange Juice v2.0 ~The Poppoing~ Preview

The 2015 announcement was posted on April 1st, 2015.[10] The game was in Version 1.9 at the time.


After weeks of extensive testing, we are proud to finally introduce our upcoming patch 2.0 for 100% Orange Juice.

In many ways, as befits the version number, this build finally encompasses our vision of how we always wanted 100% Orange Juice to be.

  • Added a new boss character, Big Poppo. Big Poppo has a 10x Player Level chance of appearing for non-Poppo players in place of another boss when encountering one on any map. Any stars lost to Big Poppo will be distributed between Poppo players in the game.
  • Added a new map: Poppo Paradise. On Poppo Paradise, all CPU characters will be Poppos. Poppo Paradise replaces all previous starting maps.
  • Added a new field effect: Poppogeddon. Every 6 turns, all non-Poppo players are assaulted by Big Poppo. Poppogeddon has a 50% chance to steal another field event’s place when not chosen for the map.
  • Added a new panel: P-panel. If a Poppo lands on P-panel, they will cast Ubiquitous on all non-Poppo players in turn (they do not need to carry Ubiquitous). If a non-Poppo player lands on P-panel, all Poppos in the game cast Ubiquitous on them.
  • Using Ubiquitous on Kai now steals their player’s credit card info, instead of their wallet as previously.
  • Corrected the tooltip for  Ubiquitous to reflect the actual effect. New description: “Move to target unit’s panel. In addition, steal 10% x their level of their player’s soul.”

Barring any technical difficulties, version 2.0 ~The Poppoing~ will roll out on Steam very shortly. We are very excited to see the reception.


  • The sprite of Big Poppo used in the image was made especially for this announcement. However, it is simply an upscaled, Store Manager-themed recolor of Poppo.
  • Big Poppo was later added for real in Version 1.13.3 during the 2016 Poppo Event, more than a year after this announcement.
  • Version 2.0 was later added for real on May 16th 2019, more than 4 years after this announcement.

New Winds

The very first announcement was posted on April 1st, 2014.[11] The game was in Version 1.2 at the time and had not yet been released on Steam.

We at Fruitbat Factory have experienced a spiritual awakening and found our true inner calling.

We are proud to announce that in the future we will be focusing on English to Japanese localisation!


As always, our goal will be to bring great English language games to Japanese fans everywhere in the world. Wish us luck on our new journey!


  • This is the only April Fools announcement focusing on Fruitbat Factory as a whole, rather than 100% Orange Juice specifically.


Other than Fruitbat Factory, the developers of Orange_Juice have pulled various April Fools pranks of their own, in the form of the development of entire April Fools games.

  • QP Kiss (2007), a shooting game/fighting game/dating sim hybrid starring Kyousuke and Kyupita (genderbent versions of Kyoko and QP)
  • Flying Crimson Barrel (2009), a short version of Stage 1 from Flying Red Barrel, except all the characters are pigs
  • DEKU (2013), a game starring DEKU and Hono, falsely advertised as Alicianrone on Orange_Juice's website


2021 - 100% Grape Juice

April Fools 2021 wiki theme.png
In 2021, the 100% Orange Juice Wiki was updated with a purple color scheme, referred to as "100% Grape Juice". The change lasted from March 31 to April 2.

2022 - Poppo Takeover

April Fools 2022 wiki theme.png
In 2022, the 100% Orange Juice Wiki was overrun with an ambush of Poppos, coinciding with the Fool's Gambit event. The background was changed to that of Space Wanderer, and many images on the main page as well as all notice templates were replaced with Poppo-themed variants. The change lasted from April 1 to May 2. Afterwards, the herd of Poppos became a bot on the wiki.