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Branch Expansion StrategyRbit Hobby Shop
Branch Expansion Strategy
Branch Expansion Strategy.png
Turn all your cards, including this one, into "Rbit Hobby Shop."
You may play one more card in this turn.
Hyper Info
Cards held x5 ★
"Phaaw..." ―Arthur


Arthur has two Hypers, one of which will generate copies of the other.

Arthur's main Hyper is Branch Expansion Strategy. When used, the player will discard all cards in their hand, and replace them with copies of the Trap card Rbit Hobby Shop equal to the number of cards that were discarded. The player is then allowed to play 1 additional card on the same turn.
For the purposes of this card, the number of cards the player has in their hand is determined before Branch Expansion Strategy is removed from the hand, meaning the Hyper itself is counted.
Despite the card's wording, this Hyper does not transform cards, instead discarding them before generating copies of Rbit Hobby Shop equal to the amount of discarded cards. Due to this, when any of the generated Rbit Hobby Shop cards are discarded or destroyed, they are removed from the game rather than being sent to the discard pile.

Arthur's secondary Hyper is Rbit Hobby Shop. Upon use, this Trap card is set on the player's current panel.

This card has varying effects depending on which player triggers it.

  • When this card is triggered by an opponent, the player who set the trap will steal stars from the affected unit equal to 1x the norma level of the player. In addition, the affected unit will draw a card from the center deck.
  • When this card is triggered by the player who set it, it will have no effect.
Unlike most other Trap cards, this card will not be discarded after being triggered, instead remaining in play. In addition, this card does not prevent other Trap cards from being placed on the same panel. If this occurs, the Rbit Hobby Shop will be destroyed in the process.
When this card is discarded due to having another Trap placed over it or from any effects that destroy traps, it is removed from the game rather than being sent to the discard pile.
This card uses unique Toystore01.pngToystore02.pngToystore03.pngToystore04.png shop sprites corresponding to the player's Player number, instead of the standard trap card sprites.


Arthur's Hyper is his main, if not only, form of strategic play. Branch Expansion Strategy turns his entire hand into Rbit Hobby Shop, which can then be placed around the board. However, unlike a normal trap, this one does not disappear after being triggered, instead remaining on the board unless it is replaced or destroyed.

Much like when playing Peat, it is advised that the player wait to use the Hyper until they have a full hand, to maximize the amount of Shops. However, when he has a full hand, he should use it instantly so that he can start using his passive as soon as possible. When playing as Arthur, the amount of stars gained are directly correlated to the number of Shops on the field up to his current level, so Arthur should focus on setting as many Shops as possible no matter what. One should generally place a Shop regardless of one's current panel, except for  Home panels. Arthur is also not incentivized to use multiple hypers since having 3 shops is almost always enough to snowball to a massive advantage and it can replace cards that Arthur wants. However its still generally worth to use at least a second hyper if Arthur's hand is full of cards that he doesn't want.

Effectively, the trap forces players who trigger it to pay Arthur to draw a card. While the amount of stars stolen per trigger may seem rather minuscule at first, it only increases as the game goes on and Arthur gains more Levels and places more and more Shops, as the function of the Hobby Shops work in direct conjuncture with Arthur's passive. In late game, it can be dangerously effective at preventing other players from achieving Normas.

One thing to note though is that although Arthur does steal stars from people whenever they land on one of his Shops, he generally wants to avoid people landing on them. The reason for this is because his passive already gives him a massive advantage in star gain. Also his shops can be overwritten by traps, so whenever someone lands on a Shop, they can either place a trap, or gain a trap that they can place on it. This will cause Arthur to lose stars in the long run, so its best advised to try and get Shops in locations that are hard to step on, although his nature of placing shops as fast as possible makes this hard to do. One thing, however, is that he really should avoid placing Shops on  Home panels. This is because people are far more likely to land on them, and thus be able to overwrite them with a trap.