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Arthur (アーサー Āsā) is one of the playable Characters in 100% Orange Juice!. He was added to the game in DLC 19Toy Store Pack.jpg alongside Nico.


  • Gain X additional stars from  Bonus panels and Shops, where X is the number of  Rbit Hobby Shop cards owned by you that are currently on the field, up to your current level.


Arthur is a character with a relatively bulky statspread of 0 ATK, -1 DEF, -1 EVD, and 7 HP. He is also one of the most powerful characters in the game. The reason Arthur is considered to be so powerful is the fact that his hyper gives him extremely powerful passive star gain, is difficult to shut down with traps, and his bulky stats makes him a lot harder to kill than it seems. If Arthur gets his hyper early, he is likely to snowball the game with unbeatable star gain if he is unable to be fought, or if traps cant be placed on them before he gets massive profit off of his shops. Another thing is that while Arthur can get extra star gain up to 5 shops, he really only needs 3 up in order to far surpass everyone's star gain. Unlike Marie Poppo, Arthur is not likely to be shut down from cards like  Scrambled Eve and  Gift Exchange since his hyper should be used as soon as he gets it, and it can be used before those cards can. Arthur's 0 ATK also makes him scarier than Poppo since when people fight him, he is likely to get at least one high roll to either KO or scare off his opponent. His weaknesses can be made up for by bringing cards like  Serious Battle,  Reverse Attribute Field,  Dinner, and  Pudding since Serious Battle and Reverse Attribute Field only buffs Arthur's stats while generally nerfing his opponents, and the healing cards heal off any damage that he takes since -1 DEF means that Arthur takes a lot of damage in most battles.


Arthur should always just focus on his gameplan, which is to go onto card panels to get hyper, and then focus on getting stars and avoiding combat. Arthur should avoid placing his shops on homes, because the increased risk of someone placing a trap on it is not worth the stars that he gets from someone stepping on it. Arthur can also win a game from using just one hyper giving him 3 shops, so using hyper again if he has good cards is not worth it. Following those basic steps almost guarantees good results with Arthur, although bad luck can cause him to lose games horribly at times.


+Amazing field control and star gain when Rbit Hobby Shop is used to its fullest.
+Rbit Hobby Shop chips away at opponent's stars.
+Second highest HP stat in the game, tying with Marie Poppo & Marie Poppo (Mixed).
+Amazing star gain makes his 6 REC almost a non-factor for him
+Getting hyper early causes him to have a massive snowball effect that is really hard to stop, especially on large maps like Beginner Town
-Extremely reliant on card draws, especially getting hyper early
-Negative DEF and EVD, leaving him vulnerable to attackers.
-Branch Expansion Strategy overwrites the cards in the hand, limiting other potential strategies.
-Rbit Hobby Shop gives opponents additional card draws.