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Base Stats
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Arthur (アーサー Āsā) is one of the playable Characters in 100% Orange Juice!. He was added to the game in DLC 19

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 alongside Nico.


  • Gain X additional stars from PBonus.png  Bonus panels and Shops, where X is the number of Rbit Hobby Shopicon.png  Rbit Hobby Shop cards owned by you that are currently on the field, up to your current level.


Arthur is a character with a relatively bulky statspread who also possesses good star gain. This allows him to be both hard to shut down, while also being able to outpace most characters in stars outside of combat. He is also able to influence how everyone else moves around the board with multiple Rbit Hobby Shopicon.png  Rbit Hobby Shops on the field, less they give him even more stars. However, he is not without his flaws. Despite being bulky, Arthur doesn't pose much of an offensive threat outside of cards, so he is prone to being fought. He is also relying on -1 DEF and -1 EVD, which means that while he can survive a single hit well, he falters when it comes to repeated fights without cards like Puddingicon.png  Pudding, Reverse Attribute Fieldicon.png  Reverse Attribute Field, Serious Battleicon.png  Serious Battle, and Dinnericon.png  Dinner. On top of that, after he is KO'd, he is forced to wait out his 6 REC before he is able to He is also vulnerable to having his shops being used for extra card draw in order to get extrememely powerful cards, like Marie Poppo using them to gain Ubiquitousicon.png  Ubiquitous. Make no mistake, however, Arthur is still an effective character for players that would rather be passive.


Arthur is a passive character who wants to set up his first three shops as fast as possible, as long as they are on a panel he wants, and use any other hypers when he doesn't have a good hand. He wants to aim for panels that players are forced to go over, particularly PHome.png  Home panels. After he has his shops set up, he wants to aim for star panels to build up a star lead.


+Good, but not amazing star gain.
+Rbit Hobby Shop chips away at opponent's stars.
+Second highest HP stat in the game, tying with Marie Poppo & Marie Poppo (Mixed).
-Negative DEF and EVD leaves him vulnerable to repeated attacks.
-Branch Expansion Strategy overwrites the cards in the hand, limiting other potential strategies.
-Rbit Hobby Shop gives opponents additional card draws.
-6 REC.
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