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Playing As Arthur
  • Healing cards like  Dinner and  Pudding are extremely good on Arthur since he has good bulk, but is prone to taking a lot of damage from hits
  •  Serious Battle and  Reverse Attribute Field work really well with Arthur's stats since he has high HP, and no positive stat.
  •  Quick Restoration also synergizes with Arthur's stats well since he is unable to be KO'd by 1 ATK or lower if he is at full HP. This makes him very likely to get off a big heal from it to further make himself hard to KO.
  •  We Are Waruda is a great card to bring since it allows Arthur to move his shops after someone has landed on it in order to prevent it from being destroyed by a trap
  •  Completion Reward synergizes with Arthur's shops since it can be stepped on multiple times. However, he finds this card to not be too helpful since his star gen is already much better than most characters if he has shops up.
  • Card draw cards like  Nice Present and  Princess's Privilege are good ways to either get Arthur's hyper, or to get cards that allow him to survive longer.
Playing Against Arthur
  • Level 1 traps like  Bad Pudding and  Sealed Memories are the best way of preventing Arthur from snowballing the game before he profits too much from getting his hyper early.  Bad Pudding is the best level 1 trap to bring since if he lands on it, he will lose a card that could be useful to him.
  •  Scrambled Eve and  Gift Exchange can remove cards that Arthur needs, including his hyper if he wasn't able to draw it before someone else got to norma 3.
  •  Play of the Gods is a decent way of being able to use  Scrambled Eve or  Gift Exchange before norma 3 in order to stop Arthur's snowball.
  • Playing a character with high ATK like Tomomo or Yuki can make it easy to KO Arthur if he doesn't have any of his defensive cards.
  • Cards that boost ATK like  I'm on Fire! and  Big Magnum are good ways of securing the KO on Arthur.
  • While this card is almost always suboptimal to bring,  Exchange will most likely harm Arthur significantly since he often has a massive star lead.
  • While  Brutal Prank,  Flamethrower, and  Present Thief seem like they would do well against Arthur, the threat of him getting his hyper early means that the level 1 traps should always be taken over these.
  • Another card that seemingly counters Arthur,  Star-Blasting Light is a terrible card to bring because by the time it can be played against him, he has most likely profited greatly off of his hyper, and the 50 star cost will most likely cause the user to lose the game. It must be decked with both  President's Privilege and  Play of the Gods which takes up a further 4 deck spots, and those combos will still most likely fail since there will most likely be only one copy of Star-Blasting Light in the deck, which makes even getting it very unlikely.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Reverse Attribute Field
 Serious Battle

 Portable Pudding
 Quick Restoration
 We Are Waruda

 Completion Reward
 Home Improvement
 Nice Present
 Princess's Privilege
 Saki's Cookie

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Bad Pudding

 Big Magnum
 Dangerous Pudding
 Go Away
 Gift Exchange
 Heat 300%
 I'm on Fire!
 Play of the Gods
 Sealed Memories
 Scrambled Eve