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Playing As Aru
  • Card-draw cards such as  Nice Present,  Princess's Privilege, and  Home Improvement help Aru get the cards she desperately needs to keep up in games.
  •  President's Privilege pairs well with Aru's hyper since it will lessen the cost by 20 stars, and it removes another card from Aru's hand to allow her to gain another 10 stars.
  •  Rbits works as a way to buff Aru's bad DEF stat, which can allow her to survive things like  Boss panels. It also wont be used against her much since she poses very little danger to her opponent since she has -1 ATK.
  • Since Aru has 2 EVD,  Rainbow-Colored Circle pairs incredibly well with her since it will bring her to a whopping 4 EVD which will evade most attackers barring horrible luck, or ATK stats higher than 2.
  • Stat debuff cards like  Reverse Attribute Field and  Serious Battle are good on Aru since she has negative ATK and DEF, so they can allow her to make offensive plays, or to guarantee survival against massive threats.
  •  Shield,  Tactical Retreat, and  Shield Counter provide crucial defensive utility for Aru since she falters against most aggressive plays. She also gets more use out of them than most characters since most fights she will be involved in will have her be defending since there is very little reason for her to fight players.
  • Since Aru is weak against traps like  Flamethrower and  Present Thief, she can bring  We Are Waruda to avoid them. It's also an event, so it can help prevent  Play of the Gods from stealing her hyper.
  •  Dinner helps Aru stay at full HP longer so she doesn't have to rely on evade luck as much. Similarly to We Are Waruda, it also helps defend against Play of the Gods.
Playing Against Aru
  • Characters with positive ATK stats such as Marc or Tomomo can easily KO Aru while she poses almost no threat to them.
  •  Mimic can allow characters with subpar hypers to copy Aru's hyper and allow gain massive stars for themselves.
  • Since Aru is prone to getting KO'd in one hit,  Gentleman's Battle works surprising well against her
  • Cards that boost ATK like  I'm on Fire! or  Big Magnum can allow characters that would otherwise have a hard time KOing Aru to easily KO her, or characters with positive ATK to near guarantee the KO.
  •  Final Battle tends to be an easy way to KO Aru as she poses almost no risk to attackers, and her great EVD stat tends to falter with repeated combat
  • Traps that discard cards such as  Flamethrower and  Present Thief can remove Aru's cards, which puts her in an incredibly bad situation. However, these cards can also potentially help her as well if someone else lands on it, allowing her to give more cards with her hyper
  •  Gift Exchange and  Scrambled Eve put Aru in a really bad spot since it can remove the cards that Aru wants, and unlike the traps, Aru has almost no way of actually defending herself against them.
  •  Play of the Gods can pull either Gift Exchange, Scrambled Eve, or Aru's hyper since her hyper is also an event.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Rainbow-Colored Circle
 Reverse Attribute Field

 Home Improvement
 Nice Present
 Shield Counter
 Tactical Retreat

 President's Privilege
 Princess's Privilege
 We Are Waruda

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Big Magnum
 Gift Exchange
 I'm on Fire!
 Play of the Gods

 Bad Pudding
 Brutal Prank
 Final Battle
 Gentleman's Battle
 Present Thief
 Scrambled Eve
 Tragedy in the Dead of Night