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Playing As Aru (Scramble)
  • Battles should be avoided, and getting  Santa's Job must be top priority.
  • Her Hyper can help her elude combat and escape from a battle against another player.
  • If you have enough stars, you can drop your hyper by using it to start gathering defensive cards like  Shield,  Shield Counter or  Rbits to prevent being KO'd.
  • High-level cards that don't affect combat like  Princess's Privilege,  Pudding or  Star-Blasting Light will give her a great amount stars if the player has a hyper on hand.
  • Unlike her counterpart,  Scary Solicitation and the Charity event are helpful to have in the game, as they will give Aru (Scramble) cards to give away.
Playing Against Aru (Scramble)
  • Just like normal Aru, she's not meant for combat, and as such attacking her will often lead to the adversary dealing great damage or a KO. However, Aru (Scramble) has a great Evade stat, which should be taken in account when fighting her with a low ATK stat.
  • Cards that force her to drop or scramble her hand, such as  Scrambled Eve and  Flamethrower, will slow her down and make her fall behind.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Princess's Privilege
 Lonely Chariot

 Long-Distance Shot
 Nice Present
 Passionate Research
 Rainbow-Colored Circle
 Reverse Attribute Field
 Tactical Retreat
 Shield Counter
 Mimyuu's Hammer
 Piggy Bank
 Heat 300%
 Sky Restaurant 'Pures'
 Cloud of Seagulls
 Mix Phenomenon
 Scary Solicitation
 Completion Reward
 Accel Hyper
 Quick Restoration
 Star-Blasting Light
 Windy Enchantment

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Gift Exchange
 Brutal Prank

 Saki's Cookie
 Flip Out
 President's Privilege
 Big Magnum
 Bad Pudding
 Go Away
 Tragedy in the Dead of Night
 For the Future of the Toy Store
 Piyopiyo Procession
 Sealed Memories
 Super All-Out Mode
 Gentleman's Battle
 Present Thief
 Play of the Gods
 Unlucky Charm
 Scrambled Eve