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Voice Lines[edit | edit source]

Note: Aru (Scramble) has the same lines as Aru but has a different hyper quote.
When English Kanji
Rolling ▶️ Here! えーい!
▶️ Yah! やぁ!
▶️ Tah! たー!
▶️ There! それー!
Using a Card ▶️ I think I'll use a card. カードを使おっと
▶️ Card! カード!
▶️ Okay, I'll go with this one! よーし、これだー!
▶️ Here I go! いっくよー!
Placing Trap ▶️ *Sneaky sneaky*... いそいそ…
▶️ This goes... down here. ここに…こうっと
▶️ Santa trap... all set. サンタトラップ…っと
▶️ Trap! トラップ!
Using Battle Card ▶️ I cannot afford to lose! 負けるわけにはいかないからね!
▶️ I'm going to use something like this! こういうの使っちゃうよ!
▶️ This one it is! これだー!
▶️ Battle card! バトルカード!
Santa's Job ▶️ Here's a present for you! さあ、プレゼントを受け取って!
Reviving ▶️ Uu, I really need to make up for lost time! うぅ、遅れたぶん、頑張らなくちゃ!
▶️ I have no more time to waste! I've got to go! こうしちゃいられない!いくよー!
▶️ This is only the beginning! ここからが本番なんだから!
▶️ I'm never going to go down again! もう負けないんだから!
Revive Failed ▶️ This can't be happening! うそでしょー!?
▶️ Hauu... はぅー…
▶️ Whaaat!? えええ!
▶️ Oh no! がーん!
(Attack)/Snowball Attack ▶️ Eiyaah! えいやー!
▶️ There! それーい!
▶️ Here I go! いくよ!
▶️ How's that? どうだ!
Field Damage ▶️ Oww! あたっ
▶️ Unan! うなんっ
▶️ Hee! ひいっ
▶️ Owah! おわあ!
Healing ▶️ It's so comfy. あったかーい
▶️ Fuaah... I'm getting better... ふぁあ…疲れがとれるよー
▶️ This feels so good... いい気持ちだねこれ
▶️ Healing! かいふくー
Warping ▶️ Wah wah!? わわ!?
▶️ Where are you flying me over!? どこに飛ぶのー!?
▶️ Where will I end up? どこ行くんだろ
▶️ Wawah! わわっと!
KO'd in Field ▶️ Not... now... こんな…ところで…
▶️ I'm finished... もうだめぇ…
▶️ I'll just collapse... ぱたり…
▶️ I can't budge an inch... うごけない…
Battle (Attacker) ▶️ Battle me! バトルだ!
▶️ I'm going to show you my Santa powers! サンタパワー、見せてあげちゃうんだから!
▶️ I'm raring to go! 元気いっぱいでいくよー!
▶️ Bring it on! 勝負だ!
Battle (Defender) ▶️ Will you get out of my way!? 邪魔しないでよー!
▶️ What? You want to fight me!? ええっ、バトル!?
▶️ Stop blocking my way or else... 邪魔するって言うのなら!
▶️ I accept your challenge! 受けてたつよ!
Attacking ▶️ Present attack! プレゼントアタック!
▶️ Take that! Take that! それそれー!
▶️ Eat this! くらえー!
▶️ Toryaah! とりゃー!
Light Damage ▶️ Uheh! うへっ
▶️ Mhma! むぁっ
▶️ That hurts! いたいよー!
▶️ Awawah! あわわっ
Heavy Damage ▶️ Ugh! ぶはっ
▶️ Gyaa! ぎゃー!
▶️ Goff! ぐふぅっ
▶️ Awawawawah! あわわわわっ
Evading ▶️ Jump! ぴょん!
▶️ You missed! あたらないんだから!
▶️ Look how well I can dodge! この身のこなしで!
▶️ That's too slow! 遅いよー!
Winning in Battle ▶️ Alright, I won! やった、勝ったー!
▶️ Nailed it! やったね!
▶️ Okay, I'm moving on. よし、先を急ごう!
▶️ Phew, I managed to win. ふぅ、勝てたよー
KO'd in Battle/Losing Game ▶️ Ugh, this is not good... うぅ、そんなぁ…
▶️ I lost... 負けちゃったよぉ…
▶️ Auu, you're so strong... あぅー…強いよ…
▶️ Can't believe I lost... 負けちゃうなんて…
Bonus Panel ▶️ Stars! スターだ!
▶️ The stars are shining! 星がきらめいてる!
▶️ Wow, they're pretty! わぁ、綺麗だね!
▶️ A gift of stars! スターのプレゼントでーす!
Drop Panel ▶️ Wawawah, my stars! わわわ、私のスター!
▶️ Wah, I dropped some stars! わぁ!落っことしちゃった!
▶️ Stars, wait for me! スター!待ってぇ!
▶️ Auu... The stars are gone... あぅ…スターがどっか行っちゃったよぉ…
Stepping on Trap ▶️ A trap!? 罠!?
▶️ Uaah, it's a trap! うぁあ、トラップだぁ!
▶️ Howah! ひぃん!
▶️ Oh shoot! し、しまったー!
Boss Panel ▶️ Fue!? Someone came out of nowhere!? ふぇ!? なんか来た!?
▶️ Awawah... あわわ…
▶️ I'll beat whoever is standing in my way! どんなのが来ても、私は負けないよ!
▶️ This guy looks pretty strong... 強そうなのがいるよー…
Star Norma ▶️ I choose to gather stars! スター集めだ!
▶️ I like star-gathering. 私、星が好きだな
▶️ I guess I'll get myself a bunch of stars. 星をいーっぱい集めよっか
▶️ Stars it is! スターがいいな!
Wins Norma ▶️ I know I'm not a good fighter, but still... 戦うのは得意じゃないけど…
▶️ I'll give no mercy to anyone who tries to stop me! 邪魔する子には容赦しないぞー!
▶️ I'll fight with the support of my Santa powers! サンタさんパワーで戦うよ!
▶️ Bad kids must be punished! 悪い子にはお仕置きだー!
Selecting Character ▶️ Welcome to Rbit Room... Oh no, never mind! いらっしゃい、うさルームへようこ…じゃなかった!
▶️ You wanna help me give kids presents? 一緒にプレゼント配ろっか!
▶️ Okay, it's time for work! さぁ、お仕事の時間だよ
▶️ Kids around the world, I'm on my way! 待っててね、世界中の良い子達!
Starting Game ▶️ And thus it begins! さぁ、始まりだー!
▶️ Alright, I'll do my best! よし、やるぞー!
▶️ I'm going to use everything I have to win! 頑張らなきゃ!
▶️ I won't lose! 負けないぞー!
Winning Game ▶️ Merry Christmas! ハッピークリスマス!
▶️ Here are your presents, good boys and girls! 良い子達、プレゼントだよ!
▶️ Fufufu, I did it! ふふふ、やったね!
▶️ Hooray, I won! よーし、勝ったよぉ!
Item Drop/Crate Drop ▶️ Here's a present for you. プレゼントだよー
▶️ Fufu, Santa will give you a present now. ふふ、サンタさんからのプレゼントです
▶️ I hope you like it. 喜んでもらえるかな
▶️ Here, this is for you. これ、キミへのプレゼントだよ
Whack a Poppo/Track the Card ▶️ Okay! 交代してもらっていい?
▶️ Good! よろしくね!
Whack a Poppo ▶️ Yeah! ごめん、お願いするね
Whack a Tomomo/Alte ▶️ No! ダメだよ!
Bad Prize ▶️ Oh no! うそでしょ?
Star Treasure ▶️ Lucky you! ラッキーだね!
Neutral Prize ▶️ Huh? うん?
Battle Prize/Supporter Revive ▶️ Let's go. さぁ、行こう!
▶️ It's dice time! サイコロだよー!
▶️ Let's get going! 行こうよ!
Greeting (Home Screen/Joining Lobby) ▶️ Hello! こんにちは!
Miss Prize/Track the Card ▶️ Hmm... うーん…
▶️ That's great! いいよー!
Hyper Treasure/Good Prize ▶️ That's incredible! すごいよー!
Miss Match/Bad Prize (Match 2) ▶️ Darn... んなぁん…
Using Other Hyper ▶️ Let me borrow this for a bit! ちょっと借りるからね!
▶️ What kind of power does this have? これはどんな力だろ!
▶️ I'm using this one. 使わせてもらうね
▶️ Can't wait to see what will happen! 何が起きるのかな!
Unique Interaction Lines
Vs. QP (any) (attacking) ▶️ Oh, Ms. Q... Whoops, I don't need to call her that now. あ、お客さ… っと、違った違った
Vs. QP (any) (defending) ▶️ Welcome to the Rbit Room... Whoops, it just slipped out of my mouth. うさルームへようこそ…って違う違う
Defeat QP (any) ▶️ I'm sorry, bunnies... うさちゃん達、ごめんね
KO'd by QP (any) ▶️ Uu, I'm glad that someone this strong is a regular at my shop... うう、さすがうさルームの常連さんだよ…
Vs. Kiriko (attacking) ▶️ You, I know you're a bad person! あ、悪い人だ!
Vs. Kiriko (defending) ▶️ Boy, that's one dangerous woman. わ、危ない人がいる!
Defeat Kiriko ▶️ No presents for bad people! 悪い人にはプレゼントなーし!
KO'd by Kiriko ▶️ It's just my outfit that's red... うぅ、赤いのは服だけだよぉ…
Vs. Mimyuu/Tomato (attacking) ▶️ Wow, such a little kid. わ、小さい子だ
Vs. Mimyuu/Tomato (defending) ▶️ What? You two are bad kids? え、キミ達悪い子なの?
Defeat Mimyuu/Tomato ▶️ Be good girls and I'll give you two presents. 良い子になったらプレゼントあげるからね
KO'd by Mimyuu/Tomato ▶️ Uu, I knew you two were bad kids... うぅ、やっぱり悪い子だぁ…
Vs. Nanako (attacking) ▶️ Are you a good girl? キミは良い子かな?
Vs. Nanako (defending) ▶️ Wawah, a little girl! わわ、ちっちゃい子だ!
Defeat Nanako ▶️ Fufufu, look forward to my present for you. ふふふ、プレゼント、たのしみにしててね
KO'd by Nanako ▶️ I thought you were a good girl... うぅ、良い子だと思ったのにぃ…
Use Scrambled Eve ▶️ Wawah, my presents! わわ、プレゼントがぁ!!
Use Nice Present ▶️ Here are presents for you! プレゼントだよー!
Use Rbits ▶️ Now everyone, in formation, just like we've trained! さぁみんな、特訓通りのフォーメーションだよ!