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Trap Card
Battle the player who set this card, starting with their attack.
2 ☆
0 ★
3 per Deck
Uncommon Card
"I'll make you leave the guild today for sure!" —Peat

Assault is a collectible Trap card that can be acquired from the Base Pack.


Upon use, this Trap card is set on the player's current panel. When triggered, causes the affected unit to fight the player who set the card, with the player who set the card attacking first.


  • If the player that set Assault triggers it, the trap will do nothing and be discarded.
  • This card is not a direct challenge and thus bypasses "cannot challenge" and "cannot be challenged" effects, such as those from  Santa's Job,  Stealth On,  Special Stage, and Islay's passive.
  • Sherry setting this card will not allow her to attack first in the battle.
  • Because this is not a direct challenge, passives which work by 'challenging' the opponent, such as Iru's, will not have effect.

Strategic Info[]

Assault is a trap designed to help offensive characters find fights and get KOs. Characters like Kai and Star Breaker can easily take advantage of weakened opponents who land on this trap thanks to the priority it provides. Assault is best placed on well-traveled pathways in order to maximize the chance that someone lands on it or on the  Home panel of a desirable opponent.  Path Blockers synergizes well with this card, allowing the player to force potential opponents to fight them. The player can even place it on their own  Home, with the purpose of bluffing it as a {Ci|Piggy Bank}}, tricking opponents into trying to stop there.

Due to traps being unpredictable, the player does not always have a good idea of when Assault will be triggered, or by who. The trap can easily be wasted if an uninjured character lands on it rather than the intended target. It can even backfire if it is triggered while the player is at low HP or suffering a KO. Characters who want to avoid fighting their opponents should not be adding Assault to the deck. This includes weaker characters like Marie Poppo who cannot fight effectively, as well as tanks like Fernet who want to avoid taking unnecessary damage. In general, if the character has trouble getting a KO when Assault is triggered, they should consider using a different card.