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Trap Card
Bad Pudding.png
Discard a random card.
1 ☆
0 ★
3 per Deck
Common Card
"Pudding with soy sauce, tastes like sea urchin!" —Yuki

Bad Pudding is a 1-star trap card that causes the victim to discard a card at random.

Strategic Info[]

Bad Pudding is an effective tool for players looking to mess with their opponent's plans. Discarding a vital card can prevent an opponent from being able to safely perform or defend an attack. Most characters can use this card in their deck, but some benefit from it more than others. Aru synergies very well with this card as it is cheap and easy to play and makes room for more cards for  Present for You. Mei can make use of it for similar reasons, allowing her to get  Red & Blue sooner.

As with all trap cards, a player must land on it in order for it to be effective. There is always a chance that opponents will be able to avoid the trap, effectively making it a dead card. If the player that triggers the trap has no cards in their hand, or a junk card is discarded, then the same is true. The random nature of the discard means that Bad Pudding can sometimes leave useful cards in the victim's hand. Bad Pudding faces competition with  Flamethrower and  Tragedy in the Dead of Night for deck slots. While it can be played much sooner, other traps offer much more devastating effects for their level.

Extra Notes[]