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Trap Card
Roll to move again without activating this panel.
1 ☆
0 ★
3 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 0
Common Card
"Thought you'd found a banana? Too bad, it was just me, Nanako!" —Nanako

BanaNana is a collectible Trap card that can be acquired from the Community Pack 3.


Upon use, this Trap card is set on the player's current panel. When triggered, causes the affected unit to roll for movement again, without triggering the panel BanaNana was placed on.


  • When rolling again with this card, dice-altering effects such as  Dash! and  Lucky Sevens still apply.


BanaNana can be utilized as a form of disruption. Similar to another trap,  Go Away, BanaNana is often placed on  Home panels to deny an opponent's norma. Although, BanaNana can be placed by players with the intention of later stepping on it themselves, in order to avoid  Boss or  Drop panels behind their  Home.

Sham can use this trap card in combination with  Delta Field to further increase the opportunity for opponents to land on detrimental panels, such as  Boss, if placed 1 panel behind, and the opponent is 1 panel away from the trap. Moreover, Sora can land on a previously placed BanaNana, while under the effects of  Extraordinary Specs, to move further.

Due to the random nature of this card being the movement roll, BanaNana is generally suited for limited circumstances. This card can be hard to make full plans with, as the movement roll afterwards will be random, and other character's dice effects can vary. Players can put additional trap cards in front of BanaNana, to increase the odds a victim would land on one.

Update History[]

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