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Base Pack
Base Pack.png
Pack Information
  Symbol   Pack1icon.png
  Pack Price   180★
  Patch Added   1.0

Base Pack is the first card pack available in 100% Orange Juice. The pack requires no DLC and was the very first pack, released with the game at launch. The Base Pack is the cheapest card pack out of all the packs in the game. The base set itself contains the second largest amount of cards behind the Expansion Pack with 20 collectible cards: 4 rares, 5 uncommons and 11 commons. In total the pack adds, 4 battle cards, 6 boost cards, 5 event cards, and 5 trap cards. The cards feature a wide range of designs by multiple illustrators.



Final Battle.pngFinal Battle.png  I'm on Fire!.pngI'm on Fire!.png  Rainbow-Colored Circle.pngRainbow-Colored Circle.png  Rbits.pngRbits.png        
Nice Present.pngNice Present.png  Nice Jingle.pngNice Jingle.png  Pudding.pngPudding.png  Flip Out.pngFlip Out.png  Dash!.pngDash!.png  Saki's Cookie.pngSaki's Cookie.png
Out of Ammo.pngOut of Ammo.png  Gift Exchange.pngGift Exchange.png  Little War.pngLittle War.png  Holy Night.pngHoly Night.png  Here and There.pngHere and There.png      
Bad Pudding.pngBad Pudding.png  Sky Restaurant 'Pures'.pngSky Restaurant 'Pures'.png  Assault.pngAssault.png  Dangerous Pudding.pngDangerous Pudding.png  Mimyuu's Hammer.pngMimyuu's Hammer.png