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Battle is an essential aspect of 100% Orange Juice! that enables the player to fight both opponents and CPUs for stars and wins. Consequently, battles can have a big affect on the ultimate outcome of the game, especially in the late game when players have more stars or need wins to finish their final norma.

Starting a Battle

Player vs Player

  • Anytime a player moves and crosses paths with an opponent, they will be prompted to challenge the opponent to a battle. The prompt displays the opponent's HUD color and current health. Selecting "Yes" will start a battle. Generally, the player will get to be the attacker (player who attacks first), but there are some character-specific exceptions. If the player selects "No", they will continue the remainder of their movement roll to the highlighted panel.
  • Certain cards can trigger a battle between players. For example  Rival or  Assault will immediately start a battle, when activated. Unless stated otherwise, the player who activated the card will be the attacker.

Player vs Nonplayer

  • If the player lands on an  Encounter or  Boss panel, the player will be forced to fight a wild unit or boss respectively (covered on the panels page). The player will be the attacker.

Battle Process


The battle process is quite simple to follow. When the battle starts, each player will be prompted to activate a battle card. If either player chooses to use a battle card, its effect will be activated for the entire battle. The attacker will then roll their dice for attack. The defender will then get to choose if they would like to defend or evade the attack and then roll their dice. After damage calculation, if the defender is not KO'd, the roles will reverse; the defender will get to roll their dice for attack, and the attacker will roll their dice to defend or evade. In short, each player gets to use a battle card and then gets to take turns attacking the other.

Defend vs Evade Calculation

Damage calculation occurs immediately after both players roll their dice. Attacking is always the same process, but whether the defender should defend or evade is a very important decision in the battle.

  • The "Defend" option cushions the defender from damage by subtracting the attacker's roll from the defender's roll. However, the defender will always receive at least 1 damage.
  • The "Evade" option enables the defender to dodge/avoid all damage if they roll higher than the attacker. However, if the defender does not roll higher than the attacker, they will take damage equal to the attacker's roll.
If... then...
Attack > Defense Attack is partially blocked: Attack - Defense = Damage
Attack Defense 1 Damage
Attack  Evade Deal full Attack damage
Attack < Evade 0 Damage

Stat Modifiers

Stat modifiers refer to the ATK, DEF, and EVD values located on the player's unit card. These values act as buffs and debuffs to the player's roll, by adding or subtracting a value to the player's dice roll. Many different cards can be used to amplify the player's stats during the battle, especially battle cards such as  I'm on Fire! and  Shield. No matter the modifier, the player's dice roll can never be decreased lower than 1. Also, if the player has two or more dice, the stat only affects the total not each dice. The player can also only have up to 4 dice at once (dice cap). Below is a table of modifier examples:

If... and... and... then...
Player attacks Player roll = 5 ATK stat = +2 Attack value = 7
Player attacks Player roll = 12 ATK stat = -2 Attack value = 10
Player defends Player roll = 1 DEF stat = -2 Defense value = 1
Player defends Player roll = 4 EVD stat = 0 Evade value = 4

Below is an example of damage calculation and stat modifiers in action. It is important to note that the number displayed on screen is after calculation, so Sora rolls a 5 but it displays "Attack 6". Likewise Yuki rolls a 1 and 1 added to her -1 DEF modifier is 1 because, as previously mentioned, the player's stat modifier can be negative but the player's roll can never be less than 1:



When any character's HP is depleted to 0 in battle, they will be KO'd. The unit who achieved the KO will receive 2 wins and half the opponent's current stars. If the player was KO'd by a wild enemy or boss, the lost stars are added to the reward given to the player that defeats it. In general, the player will always receive the stars and wins if they KO another player, however, there are cards and certain effects (for example,  Self-Destruct and  Hyper Mode among others) that prevent the player from gaining the rewards upon the KO of another player. There are also characters such as Chicken which will give the winner less stars and wins than normal. The player that is KO'd will enter recovery mode, in which they cannot move and will need to roll to recover. Once recovered, the player can continue moving across the board as usual at the start of their turn.


Combat Exception Examples

Below are examples of some the many combat exceptions the player may encounter. Given that many effects affect combat, not all can be listed:


If the player is using the DLC 6Sham & Sherry Character Pack.jpg character Sherry, the opponent will always attack first, regardless of who initiated the battle or who a card effect says goes first (Sherry's passive specifically overrides all turn order changes). When attacking another Sherry, this effect does not apply.

  • Sherry 00 03.png


If the player is using the DLC 20Iru & Mira Character Pack.jpg character Iru, when the player initiates battle, Iru will deal a single point of damage and then the opponent will attack first instead of the player (This effect does not work against Sherry as her passive overrides it).

  • Iru 00 04.png


If the player is using the DLC 23Yuuki & Islay Character Pack.jpg character Islay, the player will not receive the option menu to initiate battles when passing an opponent. This means the player will not be able to attack opponents to stop on a particular panel and will either need to be attacked or activate a card that initiates a fight.

Islay 00 01.png


If the player is using the DLC 5Alte & Kyoko Character Pack.jpg character Kyoko, they will be restricted to defending every attack, with no option to evade. Although the traditional menu for choosing to defend or evade will appear on screen, the player will not be able to select the evade option.

  • Kyoko 00 05.png

Flying Castle

If the player is using the character Flying Castle, the opponent will not be able to use battle cards against the player. The player will not be able to counter-attack, after damage calculation, however.

  • Castle 00 00.png


If the player is using the DLC 11Kiriko & NoName Character Pack.jpg character NoName (Normal & Head), the first time the player is KO'd, they will not give the opponent half their stars or 2 wins. NoName will instead be reverted into his weaker "NoName (Head)" form. Once this version of NoName is KO'd, the opponent will recieve stars and wins as usual.

  • Non 00 03.png
  • Non 00 07.png

Little War & Final Battle

If the player activates either of the basic pack cards  Final Battle or  Little War the battle phase will loop for the specified number of times listed instead of the standard one time. There will not be any other battle card activation phases beyond the one at the start of the battle, however.

Lucky Sevens

If the player holds the Gift-type card  Lucky Sevens, the player's dice roll can be decreased to 0 if and only if the player rolls a natural 0. The dice roll cannot be decreased lower than 0.