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Event Info
Title Beware Pigformation
Lunar2019 logo.png
Start February 5th, 2019
End March 6th, 2019
Event Clock
Story Campaign Story
Update Version 1.31.6


"Pigformation" - A form you end up taking when you no longer find pleasure in living.
In 2019, the world experiences the largest wave of pigformation in history!

  • Everyone's turning into slothful pigs... who can save them from this terrible fate!?


Pig Heart.png

When starting the event, almost every character will succumb to Pigformation, resulting in them getting pig ears and a pig nose, as well as an overwhelming sense of apathy! While a character is suffering from Pigformation, the player won't be able to equip any accessories or costumes to them. To free characters from Pigformation, the player will need to acquire Pig Heart.pngPig Hearts.

To get Pig Hearts, the player must defeat other players in battle or rank higher than other players at the end of the match. Defeating or ranking above an opponent gives one Pig Heart. The player can earn only one heart per opponent per game, and the hearts earned in battle are shown next to the player's portrait, colored to show which opponent the player got the heart from. In addition to the hearts earned from opponents, one additional Pig Heart is awarded to each player at the end of the game. Thus, the most Pig Hearts a player can get per game is 4.

With the Pig Hearts in hand, the player can free each character from their Pigformation by acquiring the Pigformation accessories from the shop, returning them to normal! Additionally, something wonderful might happen if every character is freed from their Pigformation...

Event Rewards[]

Name Status Unlock Method
Beware Pigformation Event intro cutscene New Open the game.
Beware Pigformation Event ending cutscene and artwork New Free all characters from their Pigformation.
PigformationPigformation (Marc) New
MarcPigSelect.pngMarc Pig Costume New
PeatPigSelect.pngPeat Pig Costume
FernetPigSelect.pngFernet Pig Costume
SherryPigSelect.pngSherry Pig Costume
TequilaPigSelect.pngTequila Pig Costume
PigPet1.png Pig Pet New

This event introduced the Pig Heart.pngPig Hearts currency and Pigformation shop section, both of which are unique to this event. In addition to the event rewards, excess Pig Heart.pngPig Hearts can be exchanged for Stars Icon.pngStars or Oranges Icon.pngOranges during the event.

Name Status Unlock Method
PigformationPigformation (all characters except Marc) New Purchase in the shop for 1 Pig Heart.pngPig Heart each.
PigPet2.pngPigPet3.pngPigPet4.pngPigPet5.pngPigPet6.png Pig Pet (Variants) New Purchase in the shop for 25000Stars Icon.png each after unlocking the PigPet1.png Pig Pet.
50 Stars Icon.pngStars N/A Purchase in the shop for 1 Pig Heart.pngPig Heart.
1 Oranges Icon.pngOrange N/A Purchase in the shop for 1 Pig Heart.pngPig Heart.