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Beyond Hell (achievement).jpg Beyond Hell
As Syura, use Beyond Hell while at 1 HP to KO a full-HP opponent (DLC 1)

Beyond Hell is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice. It is one of 6 achievements included within DLC 1.


  • As Syura, play  Beyond Hell while at 1HP, and then KO an opponent at full health.


  • In order to meet the first requirement for this achievement, spend the first part of the match accumulating damage, either against players, encounters, or cards. Ensure that no  Dinner cards are packed in your deck as CPU characters have a bad habit of using them for next to no reason, which can instantly spoil your efforts. Some good cards to have handy for this process, however, are  Forced Revival and  Sealed Guardian for obvious reasons. Draw cards like  Nice Present can also be exploited to get a  Beyond Hell if you weren't lucky enough to start with one.
  • The next phase is choosing your opponent. Although Syura's hyper is powerful, much of the game is still chance-based and victory is never assured, so it's always wiser to choose a weaker defender like Suguri, Hime, or Saki, if available. Remember that they must be at full hp upon battle start or the achievement will not be awarded, even if you successfully KO them. In light of this, some very useful cards that can be used prior to attacking to ensure a more favorable outcome would be  Super All-Out Mode and  Little War. Also, most characters under the effects of the trap card  Heat 300% make an easy target, especially with their defense stat already debuffed.
  • Once the kill is made, the achievement is awarded. Understand that only kills made with your hyper count; even if you miraculously manage to score a kill against a full-hp opponent without it, there's no achievement for that.

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