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Big, Bigger, Po.jpg Big, Bigger, Po
KO Big Poppo

Big, Bigger, Po is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice. It is one of the four achievements for defeating boss characters, alongside Banned for Life, Full Metal Brother, and Moving Castle in the Sky.


  • KO Big Poppo.
  • The Big Poppo summoned by Star Devourer in Co-op Mode does not count. It must be a Big Poppo summoned in a normal match using Poppo costumes.


This achievement is a little harder to get when compared to other boss achievements due to Big Poppo's appearance requirements. First, at least one player must play as Marie Poppo. Additionally, that player must be wearing one of the event-exclusive Poppo unit colors (Rad Poppo, Dapper Poppo, Cyborg Poppo, or Tuxedo Poppo). If you do not have these, they will become available again once the Poppo Event returns, or through a random chance in Mystery Bags (only for Rad Poppo). Big Poppo can be found randomly on any map provided the previous requirements are met, and can be fought in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Playing in multiplayer may help towards this as only one player has to play Poppo, meaning other players can play characters with stats more fitting to fight bosses, such as Star Breaker or Tomomo. Cards such as  I'm on Fire! and  Super All-Out Mode can be useful for dealing damage to Big Poppo. Additionally, Poppo can bring  Reverse Attribute Field in order to gain the upper hand vs. Big Poppo.