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Big Po's Special (achievement).jpg Big Po's Special
Defeat RoPoChi on Hyper difficulty.

Big Po's Special is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice!



This achievement will be the hardest achievement especially for new players since you will have to know the strategies against him to win against RoPoChi. Players will need to defeat him in order to unlock Mio (Step 4 in the Master of the Minions). Multiplayer is preferred than Single player since OJ players can not only help you but they will pick the best options compared to the CPUs.

  • It is heavily advisable to reach Norma 4 asap (at least 105 stars, or 10 wins) so that you and the teammates get all the stats benefits which will help the game a lot. In general, unless the mixer Star Chaser (All players gain double stars on  Bonus panels) is active, you should aim for win norma.
  • RoPoChi gains +1 die to attack rolls for each non-KO'd minion on the field. By default, he will have 2 dice of attack roll since Big Poppo is spawned at the start. At minimum, when he is only alive, he'll only have 1 die for attack rolls. At maximum, in which Big Poppo and 2 Chickens exist, he'll get to have 4 dice for attack rolls. This means that your team will stay alive better if less minions exist.
  • RoPoChi uses  From the Abyss at the start of the game, which spawns Big Poppo. Big Poppo deals no combat damage, but will steal 3 stars per damages dealt. But, if you can defeat her, she will give 25 stars and 3 wins. On top of that, RoPoChi will lose 1 offense die and Big Poppo will have 10 REC to revive. While 12 HP seems a lot to take her down, you generally want to defeat her to reduce RoPoChi's offense die and for the win count.
  • Even if your character has -1 ATK, always challenge the minion Chicken and prioritize killing them. While avengers benefit high rolls from boss especially when a Chicken is alive, other characters that isn't an Avenger will not. Additionally, RoPoChi will easily overwhelm when max of 2 Chickens are alive even if you are avenger (especially when you cant activate From Beyond).
  • Always read the next card that RoPoChi will activate, the field info by hovering on to it, and current states of your teammate (how much HP does your teammates have? Are they dead? Do any of them currently have  Extend in effect? What cards do they have? etc.). Hyper difficulty isn't a difficulty where you can win by just mindlessly rushing into a boss.

List of Cards that RoPoChi uses and watch out for:

  • Balance Currency: This card will hinder your star norma if your team overall has positive ATK value especially in the early games. Hence, prioritize win norma if your team is based on High Atk characters.  Unpaid Work can prevent losing a star.
  • Wireless Chicken: Generally not that important unless the boss's hp is lower than 50% which will activate its effects. If you use frail characters, you might want to avoid red area as Chicken with +1 ATK and on hyper difficulty can be deadly.
  • Delusional Numbers:
  • Second Wing:
  • Sky Restaurant Poppo:
  • Po-Bomber:
  • Poppo Universe:
  • Poppocare:
  • Refined Talons:
  • Beak of the Demi-Bird:
  • Big Po's Special:

Strategy for Multiplayer:

  • Characters with Roles:
  • Cards:

Strategy for Single Player:

  • By far the best character that is readily available would be Tomomo with a role Attacker. Her powerful stats and her hyper  Magical Massacre makes it a perfect candidate as your character. Another viable characters would be Star Breaker and Kae, but those requires DLC.
  • You should restart the game if you see at least 2 dealers (Preferably no dealer unless the character has powerful hyper & mixer Joker is active) They'll most likely be easy target for RoPoChi
  • When you are Attacker, you might want to have one more attacker on your team to amass win count faster. Guardian (protects you), supporter (revives you), and avenger (tanks the card effect damages) are helpful to include in your team, though it may be too much if has at least 2 characters has the same role other than Attackers.
  • Generally, you really want to have your role level and your CPUs teammate role level to be 10 or above because you will be missing powerful role skills such as Fury (gives extra +1 damage to an enemy), Guardian Spirit (gives extra +1 def/reduces damage taken in battle by 1), and Restore (revive any of your teammate without contacting by half of its HP, rounded up if the max HP is odd). If you don't, it's heavily recommended to play in multiplayer.
  • As Tomomo with a role Attacker, you should prioritize as following: Chicken > Big Poppo > Encounter Panel > Draw Panel > Star Panel > Heal Panel/Home Panel > Damage Panel/Drop Panel. If you are at Norma 4 or higher, Encounter Panel would be replaced with Challenging to RoPoChi/Boss Panel. Note that Challenging to RoPoChi/Boss Panel is very situational. You really should battle RoPoChi to deal more damage when chickens does not exist. You may also risk it if RoPoChi will use  Poppocare next turn.
  • Always keep  Magical Massacre and use it if you are overwhelmed with the Chickens
  • CPUs generally goes to home panel when you can norma level higher. Hence, you don't really need to go to home panel unless you are very close to home, or you are norma leveling up to 2 or 4 (gives permanent +1 ATK if you are Attacker, which is very helpful for defeating enemies to amass win counts).
  •  Dash! and  Overtime are very important cards that are not only cheap in deck cost but also they are mainly used to reach Chicken and Big Poppo & challenge and run away from RoPoChi's cards that are deadly.
  •  Home Improvement is quite powerful card as it basically makes home panel into draw panel that you can stay on it even if the roll isn't exact. Alongside it only requires Norma 1 & star costs very little which it can be used early in the game.  Nice Present can be great if you can draw it as it gives you 2 more cards.  Passionate Research can be helpful, but strong attackers have only 10 points at min and 15 points at max.
  •  Extend is very powerful card that is worth it to include in a deck as Attackers have high REC.
  • Battle cards that gives more ATK, such as  Big Magnum and  I'm on Fire! are great cards to help gain more wins. While  I'm on Fire! lets you use early in the game,  Big Magnum is very useful especially from transitioning from Norma 3 to Norma 4. They are also great for defeating Big Poppo faster to gain 3 wins
  •  Accel Hyper is a finisher card for the Boss, thought it requires DLC and needs 5 deck points.
  • Example of deck for Tomomo and Star Breaker (10 Deck Points, Attacker): 3x  Dash! 1x  Overtime 1x  Home Improvement 1x  Nice Present 1x  Extend 3x  Big Magnum. If you have 13 points or above, then replace 1 of  Big Magnum with  Accel Hyper if you can.
  • Example of deck for Kae (10 Deck Points, Attacker): 3x  Dash! 1x  Overtime 1x  Home Improvement 1x  Nice Present 1x  Extend 3x  I'm on Fire!. If you have 15 points, then replace  Nice Present with  Accel Hyper if you can.
  • Note that I did not mention  Party Time because while the card effect is very useful, CPU does not know when to use it. They will most likely waste it. Same reasoning for  Star-Blasting Light. Very powerful card to clean out traps and bombs placed by RoPoChi, but playing with CPUs makes it difficult to use them in perfect time and you would want to use other powerful cards instead. Hence, I did not include these in this section.