100% Orange Juice Wiki

Big the Haruo's Playable Cards[]

Level 0 Cards


Level 1 Cards

Peck.pngPeck.png Chicken Attack.pngChicken Attack.png Flight.pngFlight.png Group Up.pngGroup Up.png Piyo March.pngPiyo March.png Present.pngPresent.png Regeneration (Haruo).pngRegeneration (Haruo).png

Level 2 Cards

Call of the Chicken.pngCall of the Chicken.png Hen Pecked.pngHen Pecked.png Headless Chicken.pngHeadless Chicken.png Second Wing.pngSecond Wing.png

Level 3 Cards

Final Warning.pngFinal Warning.png Savage Talons.pngSavage Talons.png Swarm.pngSwarm.png Beak of the Godbird.pngBeak of the Godbird.png


Roost.pngRoost.png Roost (hyper difficulty).pngRoost (hyper difficulty).png Home Sweeper.pngHome Sweeper.png

Supplemental Cards

Dangerous Pudding.pngDangerous Pudding.png Bad Pudding.pngBad Pudding.png Mimyuu's Hammer.pngMimyuu's Hammer.png