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Big the HaruoBig the Haruo (Hyper difficulty)
Big the Haruo
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Base Stats
Gain -1 ATK, -1 DEF and +1 die when rolling attack for each Chicken minion on the field. Summon a Chicken minion every 5 chapters.
Basic Info
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Big the Haruo (ビッグ・ザ・ハルオ Biggu za Haruo) is a special super-powered boss only found in Co-op Mode. It was originally introduced during the Minions of the Master event in 2019, which also introduced the mode as a permanent game mode.


  • Gain -1 ATK and -1 DEF for each Chicken minion on the field.
  • Gain +1 die to attack rolls for each Chicken minion on the field.
  • (Below Hyper Difficulty) Use  Roost every 5 chapters, and at the beginning of the game.
  • (Hyper Difficulty) Use  Roost (hyper difficulty) every 5 chapters, and at the beginning of the game.


Big the Haruo is the first boss of the Co-op mode. It has 50HP, and a stat line of -1 ATK, +1 DEF, and +1 EVD. A relatively tame boss, Haruo is centered around chicken "minions" (referred to as "enemies" on its cards) which it can spawn to the board to increase its own power against the player. Almost all of the cards at the bird's disposal are centered around either making its minions stronger or enabling it to deal a large amount of damage to the players during combat. Every 5 chapters, it uses its hyper,  Roost, to spawn a Chicken minion (or 2 minions in hyper difficulty), up to a maximum of 4. While each minion will lower Big the Haruo's stats, it will add an additional dice to its combat rolls, putting the players at a steep disadvantage. For example, 2 minions will result in Big the Haruo having a deadly 3 dice at its disposal during combat. The minions can also have their stats boosted through the use of cards such as  Piyo March and  Headless Chicken among others, which will enable the chicken minions to better cope with the stats of the players.

Additionally, Big the Haruo has cards that focus primarily on itself to deal directly with the player. Haruo can periodically heal itself using cards like  Second Wing. It can also deal damage through the use of event cards such as  Peck and  Hen Pecked to punish players nearby. Peck can be particularly effective against players who finished attacking Big the Haruo the previous turn.


The players best bet for defeating Big the Haruo is to make sure the great hen always has very few or no chicken minions. Without minions, Big the Haruo's chicken support cards are useless, its stats are unimpressive, and it will have to rely on direct damage cards to deal any substantial damage to the player. As long as the players brings a strong attack unit to crack its HP and KO its minions, they will slowly be able to chip away at its health and easily defeat Haruo.


  • Every 5 chapters, it will summon 1 Chicken (2 Chickens on Hyper difficulty).
  • Every Chicken minion will grant it -1 ATK, -1 DEF and an extra die .
  •  Home panels disappear on Chapter 40.
  • All panels except  Warp and  Warp Move will become  Boss panels by Chapter 40.
  • More  Boss panels every 2 chapters.

Update History

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.8
  • Big the Haruo's chicken minions start with 10 stars.
  •  Hen Pecked now deals damage equal to boss level only.
  • Added a new Level 2 card for Big the Haruo:  Chicken Run. Effect Duration: 2 Chapters. All minions on the field will gain +2 MOV and +1 EVD.
  • Clarified descriptions for  Final Warning and  Savage Talons.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.3 (Hotfix 4)
  • Fixed  Call of the Chicken not letting Big the Haruo level up an ability if played as the fifth card of the deck rotation.
  • Fixed an issue that would make Co-op bosses not be able to level up cards.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.0.2
  • Added an area of effect preview for Big the Haruo's attacks.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.0