Big the Jonathan/Cards

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Big the Jonathan's Playable Cards[edit | edit source]

Level 0 Cards


Level 1 Cards

Screech.pngScreech.png Rake.pngRake.png Cloud of Seagulls (Jonathan).pngCloud of Seagulls (Jonathan).png Rush.pngRush.png Chase Around.pngChase Around.png Quake.pngQuake.png

Level 2 Cards

Air Raid (Jonathan).pngAir Raid (Jonathan).png Double Rush.pngDouble Rush.png Swipe.pngSwipe.png Hunt.pngHunt.png False Hope.pngFalse Hope.png Snatch.pngSnatch.png

Level 3 Cards

Air Strike (Jonathan).pngAir Strike (Jonathan).png Mega Rush.pngMega Rush.png Frantic.pngFrantic.png Wave of Despair.pngWave of Despair.png Aura of Terror.pngAura of Terror.png


Launch.pngLaunch.png Dive.pngDive.png Home Sweeper.pngHome Sweeper.png