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Big the JonathanBig the Jonathan (Hyper difficulty)
Big the Jonathan
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Base Stats
When a player suffers KO, gain +1 ATK for 1 Chapter. Every 4 chapters, use Launch at the end of Boss turn. Every 10 chapters, gain permanent +1 ATK and -1 DEF & EVD.
Basic Info
Yulay Devlet
Voice Actor
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Big the Jonathan (ビッグ・ザ・ジョナサン Biggu za Jonasan) is a special super-powered boss only found in Co-op Mode. It was originally introduced during the Beach Party event in 2018, before Co-op as a mode was formally introduced with the Minions of the Master event. It was later added as a permanent Co-op boss in the Beach Party rerun event.


  • When a player suffers KO, gain +1 ATK for 1 Chapter.
  • At the start of every 10th Chapter, gain permanent +1 ATK, -1 DEF, and -1 EVD.
  • (Unlisted) Use  Mega Rush on Chapter 50.
  • (Unlisted) If the game is not over by the end of Chapter 50, Big the Jonathan will lose the game.
  • (Below Hyper Difficulty) Every 4 chapters, use  Launch at the end of Boss turn.
  • (Hyper Difficulty) Every 3 chapters, use  Launch at the end of Boss turn.


Big the Jonathan is infamous for dealing excessive amount of damage since most of its cards either deal damage to the players or challenge them to battle. It also gains additional ATK whenever a player suffers KO, making battles against Big the Jonathan harder to survive if multiple players are KO'd in the same chapter. Big the Jonathan also passively gains more ATK as the game goes on, while the decreased defense makes it more likely to take more damage, it can still take some hits and retaliate with a poweful attack thanks to its high HP.


Due to the the sheer number of damage Big the Jonathan can inflict per chapter (a single  Air Strike (Jonathan) can cause up to 12 damage in total), players must do everything they can to survive its attack.  Metallic Monocoque is extremely helpful with its non-battle damage reduction (additionally, it fully resists  Aura of Terror) if the players can maintain a steady star income.  Serene Hush also effectively prevents Big the Jonathan from challenging players to battle, which can potentially prevent a team wipe if Big the Jonathan has high ATK. Healing cards like  Dinner are also needed for surviving its out-of-battle damage. Defensive battle cards such as  Rbits,  Serious Battle, and  Reverse Attribute Field should also be packed into the deck if possible.

Because Big the Jonathan gains additonal ATK whenever a player suffers KO, suicidal attacks or other risky actions are heavily discouraged, especially when Big the Jonathan is about to use  Wave of Despair or  Mega Rush as their effects can quickly snowball.

Characters with hypers that can be used to prevent battles or reduce damage taken are all viable choices when facing Big the Jonathan. For example,  Safe Journey grants full immunity to Big the Jonathan's out-of-battle damage,  Crystal Barrier cancels battles at the cost of 1 HP,  Solid Witch prevents the player from taking any damage, etc. Alternatively, characters with high max HP can be chosen for tanking damage, indirectly preventing Big the Jonathan from reaching high ATK too early.

Despite Big the Jonathan gains more ATK as the game continues, its defense will eventually drop considerably, to a point where at least half of its defense rolls will be 1. In addition to that, Big the Jonathan itself has no reliable ways to recover HP. As such, players should not worry too much about dealing enough damage to it and instead focus on survival.

For the Fighting the Windmills achievement, since you need to deal little damage while surviving extreme amounts of per-turn damage from Big the Jonathan, the Guardian and Supporter roles as well as defensive and healing cards are strongly recommended. A team of 4 Kyokos using the Guardian role can reduce his damage extremely well.

Extra Notes

  • During Launch, the boss is unable to be targeted by Boost cards (such as  Long-Distance Shot).
  • If Dive is cancelled via  Banned for Life, the boss will skip diving this turn but instead dive next turn, however, there will be no preview that the card will be played. The red tint marks the panel where it will dive also disappear, and the range of effect will no longer be boss panel for that turn (unless a Terror event is happening).
  • Dive will convert  Damage (x2) panel into  Damage panel.


  • It deals damage and challenges players to battle very often with many of its cards.
  • It gains +1 ATK for 1 chapter whenever a player suffers KO, making subsequent battles in the same chapter harder to survive for remaining teammates.
  • It gains permanent +1 ATK, -1 DEF and -1 EVD every 10 chapters, so its attacks will hit harder over time.
  • It uses  Launch every a few chapters, which is then followed by  Dive that deals damage in a 5x5 area and permanently converts a marked panel into a  Damage panel.
  • It will lose the game at the end of Chapter 50 if the game is not over, so the players can focus purely on survival.
  •  Home panels disappear on Chapter 40.
  • All panels except  Warp and  Warp Move will become  Boss panels by Chapter 40.
  • More  Boss panels every 2 chapters.

Update History

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.8
  •  Dive no longer destroys home panels.
  •  Rival can now be used to target Big the Jonathan during  Launch.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.2.1

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V3.1
  • Changed the next card to be used after Big the Jonathan's  Dive be announced during  Launch.

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V2.3

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V1.28
  • Added to the game for the duration of the Beach Party event.