100% Orange Juice Wiki

The Tavern is run by Natsumi, the Innkeeper.

Icon Name Effect Base Cost Notes
Shop cupofcoffee.png Cup of Coffee Heal yourself by 2 HP. Stars Icon.png10
Shop lemonade.png Lemonade Heal yourself by 4 HP. Stars Icon.png20
Shop elixir.png Elixir Fully heal yourself. Removes the Doom stock effect from your unit. Stars Icon.png30 Doom stock effect can be inflicted by The Harbinger.
Shop energydrink.png Energy Drink Heal 2 HP, then gain 1 HP. Stars Icon.png30 Price increased if player already has overheal HP.
Shop puddingmixture.png Pudding Mixture Heal 2 HP, then gain 2 HP. Stars Icon.png60
Shop redblueisland.png Red & Blue Island Heal 4 HP, then gain 3 HP. Stars Icon.png120
Shop herbalremedy.png Herbal Remedy Effect Duration: 1 Chapter. Cannot take damage. Stars Icon.png50
Shop mercenary.png Mercenary Summon a Mercenary on the field. It will attack any unit (excepted the summoner) when passing them on the field. If a unit is KO'd by the Mercenary, 50% of the stars lost go to the player, and the rest to the Mercenary. No stars or cards held. Stars Icon.png30 Can't be purchased if the player already has an active minion.
Shop sweettonic.png Sweet Tonic Permanently increase your Max HP by 1. This can be purchased only once. Stars Icon.png150 SSR
Shop holy water.png Holy Water The card is added to your hand upon closing the shop screen. Stars Icon.png80 SSR