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Bounty Hunt is a special game mode that debuted on April 18th, 2020 with the Bounty Hunters event. It was later reintroduced to the game as a permanent mode on February 23rd, 2021 with the Bounty Hungers event.

Bounty Hunt mode is an alternate game mode where, instead of competing for stars and wins, players will be racing to achieve their norma through the completion of quests and bounties that award Fame. Upon starting, players will receive a random "quest" or "bounty" card, and be able to gain more of these special cards by visiting any  Home panel. Players will need to hold onto these cards and visit different monster hiding spots around the board in order to either slay a monster or collect an item from the location that must be returned to a specific shop building. Completing either will reward the player with Fame toward their norma. Players may also sell cards for stars at shops and use their stars to purchase power-ups and cards to increase their strength. The player who gains 20 points of Fame the fastest and completes all normas wins the match.


To activate bounty hunt mode, the player needs to toggle the icon located next to the board menu. This can be done in both singleplayer custom mode or in online mode. The player can also join an online bounty hunt lobby, by selecting the "Bounty Hunt" tab at the top of the online lobby list.


Important Changes[]

Before examining the particulars of the mode, below is a basic list of rule changes the player should be aware of:

  • Players can choose to stop at any  Home panel, regardless of whether it is theirs.
  • The player will be prompted to select a quest or bounty cards when landing on a  Home panel. The players also start with one.
  • All units have a permanent +1 hand size (Max 5).
  • Players start with a base amount of stars, based on stats.
  • Increase in start-of-chapter bonus stars. The player gains stars equal to:ChapterStartStarFormula.png+3 instead of +1.
  • Various shops and locations appear on panels all around the board. Their positions on the board are randomized every 6 chapters, starting from Chapter 1. (1, 7, 13, 19, etc.)
  • Roughly halfway into the match, the players will encounter The Harbinger, a fifth character on the map who will aggressively attack any player nearby and specifically target the lead player with a KOing effect.
  • Norma is used to win this mode but is based on fame not stars or wins.
Level Fame
1☆ 2
2☆ 5
3☆ 9
4☆ 14
5☆ 20

The Hud[]

For the purpose of this mode, the typical player hud is very slightly modified. While the display remains relatively the same, Wins are no longer listed on the hud and are replaced with Fame, which will remain illuminated, as it is the only means of Norma completion (there will be no prompt to select a norma method on  Home panels). As per usual, Norma is still used to gain access to cards and will spawn the boss encounter event at norma level 4. Although no longer a part of Norma, Stars remain listed as they are essential for card use and purchasing items/power-ups, unlike Wins which serve relatively little purpose in the mode.


Item Inventory[]

Inventory Example.png

Bounty Hunt features an additional inventory button as an extra button alongside the "Move" and "Cards" buttons that appear at the start of the player's turn. Players will visit "quest" locations in this mode which has them collect several unique items which they will carry until it is delivered to the quest giver. The items are carried in an inventory that is separate from the player's hand and stock effects. Carried items can be duplicates, and unlike the player's hand, the inventory has no size limit.

Each different type of item is classified into one of three different categories:

  • Equipment items grant the player a continuous passive effect, similarly to Gift-type cards. The player begins the game with Wooden Sandals, and can obtain other equipment from the Armory. Any previously-held equipment is removed when obtaining new equipment.
  • Quest items are used to complete quests, awarding the player with Fame. Each quest item is associated with a specific quest card, location, and shop. Quest items are obtained when passing by a location and holding the corresponding quest card. Quest items are removed when the corresponding quest card is removed, whether by turning in the quest at a shop or by discarding the quest card.
  • Special items only appear during seasonal events, and thus have special conditions for being obtained or removed.
Item Category Equipment.pngEquipment
Image Name Description
Item Wooden Sandals.png Wooden Sandals A very common pair of shoes allowing you to sprint fast without hurting your feet. Adds +1 MOV.
Item Leather Boots.png Leather Boots The latest creation of famous leatherworkers, which is a direct upgrade from the usual sandals and common shoes. Adds +1 MOV, and an additional 1 if you're not carrying any quest item.
Item Gale Shoes.png Gale Shoes Powered by powerful magic, you will never feel tired while wearing this pair of shoes. Adds +1 MOV, and an additional 2 if carrying no quest items and having less than 2 cards.
Item Category Quest.pngQuest Items
Image Name Description
Item Medicinal Herb.png Medicinal Herb An herb with healing properties.
Item Turni-slime.png Turni-slime Used to be part of a Turnislime's body.
Item Bag of Chilling Wind.png Bag of Chilling Wind A bag filled with an extremely cold breeze. Holding it carelessly could cause your hands to freeze instantly.
Item Never-Ending Flour.png Never-Ending Flour A bag of flour that never seems to end. Just what does it have inside?
Item Broken Blade.png Broken Blade A worn weapon left behind by the fallen.
Item Trollite Horn.png Trollite Horn An old horn that used to belong to a Trollite. Wherever there's one of these, trouble lurks nearby.
Item Misty Sap.png Misty Sap Sap from a tree. Tastes sweet.
Item Cactus.png Cactus A cactus from a desert which contains some water in it.
Item Göst Spirit.png Göst Spirit A defeated playful Göst.
Item Wolly Milk.png Wolly Milk Fresh milk from a Wolly.
Item Globbu.png Globbu A magmatic prankster that likes setting people on fire.
Item Category Key.pngSpecial Items
Image Name Description Event
Item Delicacy.png Delicacy A tasty morsel for Cook. Collect up to 3 per game. Bounty Hungers

Character Changes & Card Changes[]

As a balancer within the mode to prevent complete character bias, Bounty Hunt makes adjustments to some character passives/hypers and specifically starts characters with different star qualities and modifies the prices of shops depending on the player's character stats. While these changes do make certain characters more or less viable than they usually would be, the changes are generally to make the characters conform with Bounty Hunt mode.

Starting Stars and Shop Prices

Based on a baseline stat spread of +0 ATK, +0 DEF, +0 EVD, 5 REC, and 5 HP, characters will gain an adjustment to their shop prices and starting value based on how positive or negative each of their stats is. ATK gives a 25% modifier, while DEF, EVD, REC, and HP give a 10% modifier. Characters with less than 3 REC are counted as having 5 REC for the purposes of the modifier calculation. Players also receive a base starting value of 40 stars at the beginning of the match which is also affected by this equation. Consequently, the stronger the character's stats, the more expensive power-ups will be and the less stars they will start with, which can be seen in the table below.

Stars Price Characters
54Stars Icon.png
Robo Ball, Mimyuu
52Stars Icon.png
50Stars Icon.png
Marie Poppo, Chicken, Marie Poppo (Mixed), Nath, Tomomo (Casual & Sweet Eater)*, Natsumi, Chris
46Stars Icon.png
Aru, Fernet, Kyoko, Aru (Scramble), Fernet (Noble)
44Stars Icon.png
QP (Dangerous), Mei, Arthur, Yuuki, Lone Rider, Merchant
42Stars Icon.png
Seagull, Kyousuke, Miusaki, Halena
40Stars Icon.png
QP, Krilalaris, Kae, Alte, Sweet Breaker, Ceoreparque, Tsih, Nico, Iru, Cuties, Lulu, Maynie, Kyupita
38Stars Icon.png
NoName (Normal & Head)*
36Stars Icon.png
Syura, Saki, Sham, Mio, Suguri (46 Billion Years), Cook, Mescal, Shifu
34Stars Icon.png
Marc, Shifu Robot, Flying Castle, Yuki (Dangerous), Marc (Pilot), Alicianrone, Arnelle
32Stars Icon.png
Nanako, Kiriko, Teotoratta
30Stars Icon.png
Suguri, Hime, Sora, Kai, Sora (Military), Tomato*, Suguri (Ver.2), Mira, Sumika, Ellie, Hime (Moonlight)
28Stars Icon.png
Yuki, Tomomo (Softened), Hoshino Reika
26Stars Icon.png
24Stars Icon.png
Store Manager, Star Breaker
22Stars Icon.png
Sherry, Islay, Malt
16Stars Icon.png
Tomomo (Singleplayer)

Passive Changes

  • Tequila no longer gains +1 ATK for every HP lost during a battle, but instead gains +1 ATK total regardless of the amount of HP lost.

Card Changes

Below is a list of all changed cards. Any card not listed has remained unchanged.

Card Changes
Now calculates +Y DEF using Y = current fame / 5, and +Z EVD using Z = current stars / 50.
Effect is now "Gain +1 Rage Counter and go into Raging Mode. During Raging Mode, gain +X/2 ATK and +X/2 EVD rounded up, where X is the number of your Rage Counters. At the start of your turn, lose 1 Rage Counter. Raging Mode ends when Rage Counters are 0."
Does not return bounties or quests to the deck.

Reward Changes[]

Because matches in Bounty Hunt are generally longer than in other game modes, the player receives 50% more bonus Stars Icon.pngStars at the end of the match. If playing in a multiplayer match, the player also receives 50% more experience and Oranges Icon.pngOranges. (The increase in XP does not stack with the increase in stars, but is scaled to the same proportion as in other game modes.)