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Bounty Hunt is a special game mode that debuted on April 18st, 2020 with the Bounty Hunters event and has only appeared in the event. Channeling the spirit of adventure, this mode features multiple changes to gameplay including quests, bounties, locations, power-ups, new monsters, and fame.

The goal of this mode is to use quest cards to complete tasks such as fetching items or defeating monsters to amass the most Fame as quickly as possible. The player who gains 20 points of Fame the fastest and norms all the way up wins the match.

Setup[edit | edit source]

To activate bounty hunt mode, the player needs to toggle the icon located next to the board menu. This can be done in both singleplayer custom mode or in online mode. The player can also join an online bounty hunt lobby, by selecting the "Bounty Hunt" tab at the top of the online lobby list.


Important Changes[edit | edit source]

Before examining the particulars of the mode, below is a basic list of rule changes the player should be aware of:

  • Players can choose to stop at any  Home panel, regardless of whether it is theirs.
  • All units have a permanent +1 MOV, +1 hand size, and an increase in start-of-chapter bonus stars.
  • A quest or bounty card may be chosen when landing on a  Home panel. The players also start with one.
  • Various shops and locations appear on panels all around the board. Their positions on the board are randomized every 6 chapters, starting from Chapter 1. (1, 7, 13, 19, etc.)
  • Norma is used to win this mode but is based on fame not stars or wins.
Level Fame
1☆ 2
2☆ 5
3☆ 9
4☆ 14
5☆ 20

Item Inventory[edit | edit source]


Character & Card Changes[edit | edit source]

Some cards and character passives have notable changes that are important for the player to understand when playing Bounty Hunt mode. Certain characters are more or less viable than they usually would be as a result of these adjustments.

Passive Changes

  • Tequila no longer gains +1 ATK for every HP lost during a battle, but instead gains +1 ATK total regardless of the amount of HP lost.

Card Changes

Below is a list of all changed cards. Any card not listed has remained unchanged.

Card Changes
Now calculates +Y DEF using Y = current fame / 5, and +Z EVD using Z = current stars / 50.
Effect is now "Gain +1 Rage Counter and go into Raging Mode. During Raging Mode, gain +X/2 ATK and +X/2 EVD rounded up, where X is the number of your Rage Counters. At the start of your turn, lose 1 Rage Counter. Raging Mode ends when Rage Counters are 0."
Does not return bounties or quests to the deck.

Reward Changes[edit | edit source]

All Increased EXP, stars, item drops, oranges, and fame rewards by 50% for bounty hunt games.

Update History[edit | edit source]

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png V 2.9.2
  • Players now win 1 fame in Bounty Hunt mode by defeating a player in battle that has more fame than them.