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Can Take a Pummeling.jpg Can Take a Pummeling
That's one tough girl (DLC 13)

Can Take a Pummeling is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice. It is one of 7 achievements included within DLC 13.


As Miusaki, survive 10 battles in a row on your first life of the game.


Bringing cards such as  Saki's Cookie,  Pudding, and  Dinner can greatly help improve Miusaki's survivability. Playing against more passive opponents such as Kyoko, Fernet, or Chicken can also help as they will not target Miusaki too often, allowing her to survive battles with NPCs without the threat of bullying. A good battle card to bring is Tactical Retreat, as someone retreating from the fight will still count towards the streak of surviving fights.

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