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Christmas Miracle is the fourth playable field in 100% Orange Juice. It is inspired by Christmas Shooting's stages. Christmas Miracle is a map that benefits star collectors if they go on the longer routes, having more chances to get more Stars.

It is featured in the campaigns during QP Episode 3, Suguri Episode 4, Marc Episode 2, and Kai Episode 2.

Unlock Info
  • The board can be purchased in the shop for 3500Stars Icon.png after reaching level 4.
  • Acquired for free after beating Suguri Episode 4.
  • Unlocked immediately by choosing Kai as the Main Character.
A-Christmas Miracle.png
Panel Type # of Panels
 Home 4
 Bonus 17
 Draw 10
 Drop 8
 Encounter 6
 Warp 7
Field Events
Every 5 Chapters, all PBonus.png Bonus, PDrop.png Drop, PDraw.png Draw, PEncounter.png Encounter, PMove.png Move, PWarp Move.png Warp Move, PHeal.png Heal panels, and PDamage.png Damage panels will become Doublepanel.gif Double panels accordingly. This effect lasts for the duration of the Chapter.


Christmas Miracle benefits mainly characters that go for Star Normas

  • Stars: This map is especially beneficial for star collectors, as it can be played without stepping into any  Encounter panels by hugging the shorter routes. They should know however that there is no way to avoid the  Drop panels sprinkled around the map. There are parts where the player can decide whether he wants to go to a  Drop panel and take the shorter route or go towards an  Encounter or  Warp
  • Wins:  Encounter panels are scarce and they force the player to go into the long route to be able to rack up Wins. It's also hard to catch up to other players as the map is pretty big and there's the chance either of them running into a  Warp panel, causing them to separate.

Character Synergy[]

Christmas Miracle greatly benefits star collectors, as the abundance of  Bonus panels and lack of  Encounter ones will force aggressive players to get wins by KO'ing other players, however the map is fairly big and has a good amount of  Warp panels, allowing any player being attacked to warp away from their attackers.