Christmas Shooting/Good

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Arthur compliments Aru's strength, however, he reminds Aru that the presents are still in his possession. He decides that destroying the presents is a much easier route to achieve his goals than fighting Aru. He shoots at the presents with a blast energy but Rein blocks the blast and retrieves the presents. Rein tells Aru not to give up and then collapses. Now that Aru has the presents, Arthur decides that the only way for toy stores to survive now is to eliminate her. Aru is angry that Arthur would go this far to take away everyone's happiness for the sake of toy stores. She yells at Arthur, telling him that she will stop him. With the strengthening of Aru's resolve, she defeats Arthur and knocks him into the snow.

Defeated and unable to stand anymore, Arthur tells Aru to go right ahead and leave. He laments to himself, asking for forgiveness from his business rivals for his failure. Arthur notices that Aru hasn't left yet, he tells her that she will be too late if she doesn't leave now. Aru agrees and demands for Arthur to get up and take responsibility by helping her deliver the presents. Arthur complains that he just said he can't even stand, to which Aru says that he never said anything about flying. Arthur asks why he should even help, they're enemies after all. Aru responds by saying that he decided that they were enemies by himself and that she is a girl. Aru asks if Arthur would let a girl work all by herself at the dead of night while he takes a nap, to which Arthur denies he would, it would be very unbecoming of him. Now that Aru got Arthur to agree to help her, she urges Arthur to get up and help her. She states that once they're finished, she will even give him some advice regarding the future of toy stores. The duo, along with Rein, sets off to deliver the presents to children around the world.